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When you run in the dark as often as I do, one critical item to consider is safety. While I’ve long worn reflective gear in bright colors, it never hurts to add yet another layer and illuminating the path is another consideration, especially running on trails. When I saw the Flashlite Belt, I was intrigued, because it did all these things and also added storage and hydration – truly “Your All In One Hydration Belt!”
This belt was clearly designed by an enthusiast and not a know-nothing designed knocking something out – so many clever ideas and it really includes everything you could need for shorter distance runs. Ray Samuels created the belt while training for the 2011 Ironman Canada event.

The belt comes in three sizes – small (26”-30”), medium (30”- 36”), and large (36”-40”), with a velcro belt attachment so that it is adjustable for comfort. Race number attachments remove the need for safety pins, while the neoprene pocket can hold your phone, keys, debit card, gels etc.—I thought the pouch seemed somewhat small, but both my BlackBerry and my wife’s iPhone both fit in with no problems. Two quick entry molded holsters hold a pair of BPA free bottles – since they only hold 10 ounces each, they are sufficient for only shorter distances, in my opinion. The belt is adorned with reflective squares and also has reflective piping on pouch, resulting in 360 degree visibility. A front and back LED light are both clipped on yet removable, so can be used with other products if desired. One thing I really appreciated is how closely spaced the two holsters and pouch are—they really fit snugly into the small of my back, which resulted in a complete lack of sway. Nice detail.

The one negative in my eyes was the water bottles, which were too rigid for my taste as it was hard to squeeze liquid out of them.

You can purchase the belt with everything included or the front and back lights on their own, which was a great idea. If you’re in the market for a hydration belt, these are high quality, well designed and manufactured, and come with the added bonus of the 2 light sources. Definitely recommended!
*Product provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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