Flextail Gear Tropo Air Pump Review

An offer to test out a sample of the Tropo Air Pump intrigued me, because paddling season is coming up and a quick way to inflate our iSUPs would be a real benefit for the Summer.

Flextail Gear Tropo Air Pump in package

Tropo’s Indiegogo campaign advertises it as the most reliable and affordable air pump, shows it being used removing air from vacuum bags as a space-saving way to travel, as a bellows for grilling, inflating beach toys and a sleeping pad, and blowing away dirt and leaves.

This is a lightweight, pocket size air pump that can inflate or deflate items as needed. Available in blue, green, pink, or grey, it runs on 4 AA batteries (not included). Flextail Gear says a set of 4 batteries have enough juice to inflate 12 swimming rings, 8 air mattresses, and 3 inflatable beds (unless it’s one or the other or the other, hard to tell).

Tips include not using the air pump for more than 10 minutes at a time as well as not putting the pump into water for a long time. There is no waterproofness noted, so this is a bit puzzling. Another warning includes keeping your hands/fingers out of the inflation and deflation ports.

Flextail Gear Tropo Air Pump Included Accessories

Accessories include a drawstring storage bag and 4 nozzles: large caliber nozzle for air beds; sharp nozzle for air toys; rubber air nozzle for air mattresses, and a vacuum nozzle for use with vacuum bags.

I used the Tropo air pump to inflate our smaller Moana iSUP and it worked great with the large caliber nozzle, to a point. While it inflated the paddle board to mostly full, it seemed unable to complete the full inflation to the proper pressure. A few pumps with our standard pump was all it took to finish off the inflation. Nice, much easier and I could get my kids to start and let me complete, so getting them involved would be nice.

I also took Flextail Gear’s advice and used them as a grill bellows, helping fan the flames both to get the charcoal started and then to crank the intensity while grilling some satays.

Flextail Gear Tropo Air Pump inflating iSUP
Flextail Gear Tropo Air Pump inflating iSUP

While it’s small and lightweight, the Tropo is a bit loud, so be judicious in your use around other people. The only other negative I found was its reliance on batteries, rather than being a rechargeable device – I suppose that would make it a lot more expensive.

At this time, Tropo is being offered for only $19 with free shipping, and will increase to $27 after the early bird pricing expires. Expected ship date is May 2019, so get yours while the getting’s good.

*This item was provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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