Gear Review: CEP Compression Socks + Sleeves

(Image from the CEP website – these would match my GoLite Mesh Cap!)

Are you wearing compression socks? Why not? I have to admit, I thought that they looked somewhat kooky and smacked of the senior citizens’ home. As the old saying goes, though, you shouldn’t knock it til you’ve tried it. I’m a believer.

CEP sent me two pairs of socks to try. Why 2, you may ask? My calves are 2 different sizes, each falling into a separate sock size – Men’s III and IV. Also, I said that my wife, who would fit into the Men’s Size III, would help me out by giving me her opinion on the socks.

Here’s what she said:

“I only wore the compression socks for a couple of hours to try out, (not during or post work-out – will try again after running). They were comfortable, provided support, weren’t itchy and didn’t cut off circulation.

Easy enough to pull on and off (even for 9 month pregnant woman).

I would have preferred a different color- white, black or even pink.”

(Check these out – these are NOT your grandfather’s compression socks!)

First, the socks are created as a right and left footed socks (with a helpful L and R on the sole of each). I have had these for several weeks and have really tried them in every way I could imagine. The day after I received them, I wore them ALL day watching the World Cup, mowing the lawn, and just hanging out. I’ve also run in both pairs, to compare them and see how they felt. THEY FELT AWESOME! I really felt like my running was improved by wearing these; they really support my legs and removed any creaks from the old joints. I definitely felt more comfortable running in these (of course, I run at 4:00 am in the dark, so you might feel like everyone is staring at your bright green legs if you run in the daytime). This past weekend, I dominated participated in the Bigfoot Triathlon and wore the socks home on my nearly 2 hour drive and my legs and feet felt fabulous when I got home – not a whisper of a complaint.

The 2 sizes – even though the size III was a bit smaller, I felt comfortable in both pairs. What I ended up doing is using the III as a running sock and the IV as a recovery sock.

CEP also sent me a pair of sleeves to try out, which are every bit as comfortable as the socks. One benefit of the sleeves vs. socks is that you can wear the socks of your choice with the sleeves or go sockless! Since my feet get so warm, I think the sleeves will be a better choice during the warmer months here in Chicagoland.

(Mine were actually the black version and they made me look cool
and run fast, like a professional triathlete, at least in my mind)

(From the website) TOP 5 REASONS to wear CEP:

CEP is made with over 50 years of experience by a WORLD LEADER in medical compression products, medi, with “medi Ultimate Compression Technology. Medically tuned compression designed specifically for the athlete to improve performance, recovery and overall quality of life. Clinically proven to increase performance by 5%. Prevent shin splints, calf cramps, achilles issues and other lower leg indication Graduated medically tuned compression to help prevent blood clots and swelling during travel.

Need assistance getting your compression socks on?

CEP is actually owned by Medi; one of the worlds leading medical compression companies. Every brand claims to have “Graduated” compression; most products on the market can say this without backing it up because they’re not tight enough to be medical grade. Anything below medical grade, 20mmHg, is considered over the counter and not regulated.

In order to penetrate your deep veins and target the arteries you need a specific amount of compression. One sign to look for is when a product goes by shoe size. How does the athlete know they’re getting the right amount of compression? Shoe size doesn’t tell the circumference of ones leg which will determine the size range to get targeted compression.

I heartily recommend getting a pair of compression socks, sleeves, heck, an entire suit! This product definitely works the way CEP claims it does, at least it does for me. I’ll work on getting a pair to give away, because at least one of my faithful followers should be allowed to feel the bliss I have enjoyed.

What I covet: the Compression Tri Suit! (CEP, I’d be happy to review one for you!)

(Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog – courtesy of Medi-USA. I did not pay for the item, receive payment, or agree to give it a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

Other compression brands to check out: Compressport, Zensah, Salomon, RecoFit, Skins, Opedix and X Compression.

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