Gear Review: Dripo Travel Coffee Maker

I wouldn’t really say that I’m a caffeine addict, but will readily admit that I really enjoy a good cup of coffee while traveling, especially while camping. Easy enough if you’re on a road trip and cafes are open, but on an overnight in a primitive area? SOL.

Gear Review: Dripo Travel Coffee Maker

There are signs that companies have heard this lament and various interpretations of a travel coffee maker have been brought forward, but none, IMO, as simple as the Dripo. This is a 4-piece (water reservoir, filter, coffee cup, and spill proof lid) mostly plastic system that allows you, with ground coffee in hand, to brew a tasty cup of cold brew on the go. No fussing, no power, no intricate hand movements; add coffee, add water, and let it go.

Dripo suggests the brewing time will be about 2 hours and that seems about right, though my experience was everything from 6 hours (first time, maybe it needed to be primed?) to a more typical 90-120 minutes. It didn’t to make any difference whether the included filters were used or not, though I found that moistening the ground coffee before getting started made it happen more quickly, and the filter definitely made things cleaner, as the loose coffee could not splash around. I couldn’t discern a taste difference with or without a filter, but I’m no Q Grader, so there is that.

Gear Review: Dripo Travel Coffee Maker

At a measured one pound, 2.8 ounces, this is not a huge amount of weight to bring along to get great coffee on the go, though it’s not particularly lightweight either.  The weight is mostly due to the thick and seemingly sturdy plastic (seemingly because I haven’t broken it).

Longtime readers can guess my main quibble with this system, though. I’m really not a fan of plastic, though BPA-free quality items like this, which will last, can be shared, and won’t just be chucked soon are better than others. Happily, I discovered that the included coffee cup has roughly the same diameter as a wide mouth 16 ounce mason jar, so I could swap it out and drink out of glass, which I must prefer. And…and…it was only a 1.5 ounce weight penalty, so definitely worth it to me. I understand that making these from plastic is probably the simplest and most economical, but I can still dream that an all-glass or all-metal version is in the works.

Gear Review: Dripo Travel Coffee Maker

The Dripo Travel Coffee Maker is a relatively inexpensive way to add quality coffee to your perambulations through life. Slow down, enjoy the soothing time as you await the cold brew goodness, and make sure to savor each and every moment.

*This product was provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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  1. This sounds like a pretty solid product, especially for the coffee addicts who I know and love. While I’m known to need a little caffeine in the morning, I’m okay choking down cheap generic instant coffee. Most of my friends, however, are not. I’ll send them this review!

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