Gear Review: Grub Hub USA Cirque

Last week, I received a prototype of Grub Hub USA‘s Cirque, a backcountry kitchen pack, to test out. The Cirque totes your personal cooking gear, then sets up to assist meal preparation and also blocks wind.

Gear Review: Grub Hub USA Cirque

It’s a deceptively simple concept and easy to dismiss at first, but in general, the Cirque is a very cool tool.  A pocket on the outside holds its three shock-corded poles, with more room inside to carry a small stove and fuel canister. The Cirque includes a removable organizing piece that can hold matches/lighter, spices, clean up materials, and even larger cooking utensils. Set it up and it not only keeps things handy, it creates a windscreen for your stove, increasing efficiency and reducing irritation. Loops at each corner allow for anchoring either by stakes (not included with prototype but will be with production models) or rocks.

While it’s very easy to set up, I can see improvements have been made even since this prototype was created. Lightweight plastic tubes have been replaced with carbon for the shock-corded poles, the newer material is flame-resistant, and additional guides have been added for the poles.

Gear Review: Grub Hub USA Cirque

The Cirque is the kind of product that you probably never envisioned yourself needing, but once you use it, you realize it certainly simplifies things. Joe of Grub Hub USA has come up with a simple design that helps organize gear and has additional uses in the field. Nicely done.

The Cirque will be available on Kickstarter at introductory prices, so keep an eye out for that. Also check out the go-anywhere camp kitchen Grub Hub USA has on their website.

Product provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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