Gear Review: Mishmi Takin Qaras Soft Shell Jacket

I love discovering new companies that are finding a niche that other companies overlook. I met Kapil Dev Singh in the Pavilions at the Outdoor Retailer Show and would have met with him for the name of his company alone, regardless of what it was selling. Mishmi Takin. Named after a rare goat-antelope found in the remote Eastern Himalayas, it just sounds exotic and cool. The names of the products flow off the tongue just as beautifully.

Gear Review: Mishmi Takin Qaras Soft Shell

Mishmi Takin was formed to design high performance products for climatic conditions like those found in the hot and humid tropics of Kapil’s native Himalayas or the West African forests (he has many stories of his experiences in Liberia). Their initial product focus is on designing high performance boots and hard and soft shells, optimized for the rigors of wet environments, which is something we face a lot of here in the Midwest, both during hot summers and cold winters.

A 3-layer soft shell named after a 19,000 ft snow covered peak in Cordillera Blanca, Peru, ‘Qaras’ comes into its own when it is cold and wet around. Mishmi Takin states that the water proof, wind proof fabric will keep you dry in winter showers or wet snow while the high loft fleece lining keeps you super warm. I can attest to both.

Gear Review: Mishmi Takin Qaras Soft Shell Jacket

The outside fabric is 86 % Polyester and 14% Spandex, giving it a pleasing fit while allowing for plenty of movement. The jacket has a pleasing heft to it, much like putting on an old leather motorcycle jacket. My son and I both had the same initial reaction – it feels like donning armor and we felt protected and somewhat invincible as we wore it.  It performed exactly as it was supposed to – we’ve not had much snow, but it’s been a wet winter for sure, alternating between frigid air and more temperate, which really put this jacket to the test.

One negative is the large and intrusive seam in the hand pockets – it doesn’t affect the performance, but it definitely is noticeable. A second complaint is with the high loft fleece lining, which mimics fur in its appearance. The lining rubs off occasionally and leaves small fuzz. I washed the jacket once, which seemed to help, but it’s something worth noting.

Neither of these two design flaws affected the performance of the jacket – it works as advertised.

This jacket fits well, feels invincible, and has performed really well. Based on the initial success of this jacket, I’m looking forward to trying out more of their gear!

*This jacket was provided to me for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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