Gear Review: Newton Running Kismet Core Trainer

I recently received a sample of the Newton Running Kismet Core Trainer, perfect timing with my 5K training going on. The Kismet is advertised as an everyday training and racing shoe, so I was expecting kind of a middle-of-the-road result. These are my first Newton running shoes, and I was worried that the forefoot lugs would alter my running stride, but it wasn’t a problem – these shoes actually enhanced a midfoot strike, at least for me. It has a heel-to-toe drop of 4.5 mm, so not overly minimal but not too bad either. I weighed these at 11.7 ounces per shoe for my US Size 12.5, but they run really light.

Gear Review: Newton Running Kismet Core Trainer

I put the Kismet through the ringer, running on as many surfaces as possible, in as many different conditions as possible over the last month or so. The shoes handled everything with no problem, even muddy trails, where I didn’t really expect them to do very well. The relatively light weight of the shoes made it pleasant to run, as did the various technologies in the sole. The Kismet really is a comfortable trainer. Except…

There was one con, for me, in one detail under the forefoot. Newton Running creating an indentation in front of the lugs, I would wager so that the shoes could flex more freely, but it also creates a ridge inside the shoe. For me, this became an irritant and a distraction on most runs. Perhaps by changing the insole it could be fixed. I haven’t heard this complaint from others, so maybe it’s just me.

The shoes were provided by review site Criteek.TV – here is my first video review I did for them, on the Kismets:

In my opinion, the Newton Running Kismet would work for most people. As advertised, it works as an everyday training shoe and racer. One caveat: These shoes do run a bit large – mine are half a size down from my regular street shoe, so I’d suggest you head to a store to try a pair of Newtons before buying online, if that’s your plan.

MSRP $129.00

Shoes provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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