Gear Review: Nike Lunartrainer +

2 runs under my belt, and I can say that I am already getting used to running in my new Nike Lunartrainer+ shoes. In the store and on my first run, I really wasn’t sure I even liked them, but it turns out they are pretty comfortable after all.

Nike Lunartrainer+ photo from the Nike website

First off, they are incredibly light, almost too light, as I was worried there wasn’t enough cushioning for my 200+ lb frame. But it turns out technology trumps opinion.

It’s my understanding that these shoes (and the new Lunarglide+) are the culmination of Nike’s research into barefoot running. Nike being a shoe company, needs to sell shoes, not barefoot running, so it seems to me that they have succeeded in accomplishing their goal.

Barefoot running sounds good, but after cosseting my feet for 43 years, probably not wise to go out and hammer 3 miles without some protection.

So give these shoes a chance – they look outrageous in a really fantastic way, are incredibly light, and give you enough cushioning while still allowing the feet to feel what’s underfoot.

I’m thinking that these will become my speedwork shoes, which I hope to start this Thursday, as a matter of fact.

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3 thoughts on “Gear Review: Nike Lunartrainer +

  1. Kovas,

    As I was reading today's blog post it had a referring link to this old post about the Nike Luna runners. I have long been in lover with Nike's neutral products, just haven't bought a pair in several years. Despite reviewing the shoes over two years ago do you have any experienced runner views of how this shoe performs?

  2. Matty, I really liked the LunarTrainer and the old LunarGlides, but could not wear the new LunarGlides2 and the LunarElites never fit me either. Like so many shoes, they will fit some and not others. I'm a big guy, so the LunarTrainers were a great intro to more minimal shoes. For someone lighter like yourself, you might be better off trying the Frees (my next step).

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