Gear Review: Quiksilver QS-1 Studio Headphones

When I ordered my Quiksilver wetsuit recently (hoping to start cold weather paddling), I got a free set of the QS-1 Studio Headphones as well. Really a nice bonus.

Quiksilver QS-1 Studio Headphones

I love headphones, but have always been a major cheapskate when it comes to buying them. I’m starting to look for a better headphones and deciding on a price I’m willing to pay, but I was hoping these Quiksilver ones would fit the bill and I wouldn’t have to spend any money. Win-win, right?

Since they’re from a sports company, I figured they would be great to wear when walking or running or doing whatever outside. They have a great coiled cord, so there’s not a lot of extra flopping around. The cord also detaches, which is handy when packing them up for travel.

Some of the features include a drawstring carrying pouch, the detachable coil cable (with aluminum.  plugs and 24k gold contacts), memory foam cushions for on ear comfort, and good adjustability to fit noggins large and small. Maybe because I’m older, but one thing new to me was the “sharing plug,” which allows another person to plug into the headphones and listen to your music. Kind of cool.

Overall, I’m really happy with them. They seem well made, the sound quality is good and all the features add up to a great product. The one thing I don’t like is the smaller sized ear cups. At roughly 2 3/4″, these are a bit small for my taste – my current favorite headphones have ear cups that are just over 4″. Make that change Quiksilver, and these would probably become my new faves.


I’m a fan of Quiksilver, they bring me back to the oceanside lifestyle of my youth. I was excited to find the QS2900 Watch recently on eBay for my daily wear timepiece.

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