Gear Review: RumbleRoller Gator

I’ve recently started running again (the agony!) and with it has come the usual tribulations an overweight middle-aged man faces: pain the legs, plantar fasciitis symptoms, and some other minor aches and pains. To combat these, I’ve gone back to a familiar weapon: rolling out with my Rumble Roller and Beastie. But that’s not all! RumbleRoller has come out with a new tool, the Gator.

Gear Review: RumbleRoller Gator

The Gator has the familiar bumps, but at a lower profile and is smaller in diameter than the original RumbleRoller. It’s also a lot firmer than the original, which takes some getting used to.

The original RumbleRoller is a deep-tissue roller – the bumps penetrate  into the muscle, while the spaces between the bumps allow for soft tissue displacement. Another way to free stuck tissues is to pull them apart by moving higher layers of soft tissue to separate underlying layers, or cross frictional massage and the Gator’s design helps it grip your skin to replicate this type of massage.

While you can use the Gator as a typical foam roller, it’s worth learning the simple technique that adds the stretch to the bumps’ penetration. While rolling, pause and then, in contact with the Gator, twist to feel the tissues stretching. While this is effective all over the body, I was most impressed with the feeling I got while standing on the roller – this has helped with the stiffness and plantar fasciitis twinges like nothing else.

If you were in the market earlier for a foam roller, hopefully you took the advice in my earlier post and got the original RumbleRoller. If not, it’s not too late – it really is superior to other rollers I’ve tried. The Gator ups the ante by providing a totally different type of foam rolling experience and is definitely worth adding to your mobility tool chest.

*This product was provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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