Gear Review: SKINS Compression

I’ve recently started running again and with that have come some familiar aches and pains. Perfect timing for SKINS Compression to offer me some samples of the A400 Short Sleeve Oblique Shirt and DNAMic Superpose Half Tights to review. Now some people are on the fence on the efficacy of compression garments, whether they actually work or if it’s the placebo effect. I’m not one of them – I feel better while wearing them and less beat up afterwards.

According to the company, the performance, recovery and lifestyle benefits of SKINS have all been independently researched and published in peer review journals, which is considered the highest standard.

Gear Review: SKINS Compression

SKINS has pioneered engineered gradient compression and dynamic gradient engineering — applying compression in a balanced and accurate way, it accelerates blood flow, provides oxygen to your working muscles, and boosts performance. Besides the compression benefits, SKINS garments wick moisture away from the skin, help you stay cool when it’s hot and vice versa, and also protect from the sun with up to 50+ UV protection.

Gear Review: SKINS Compression

The A400 Short Sleeve Oblique Shirt provides compression for your upper body, giving  stability and support. Putting this shirt on makes me feel like The Rock, able to crush out the miles and anything that gets in my way. I wish I had the physique to make this a flattering garment, but that’s neither here nor there in terms of performance.

The DNAMic Superpose Half Tights are almost the perfect workout shorts for me – the Dynamic Gradient Compression Half are built into  a 4-way stretch athletic short, which is the ultimate in comfort, in my opinion. These are  lightweight and quick-drying, perfect  for running or fitness training. My only improvements would be to modify the elastic waistband to include a drawstring and to add hand pockets to carry a phone and keys. The shorts do have a center back zippered pocket, but to me additional pockets would make these that much better.

Gear Review: SKINS Compression

Thanks to SKINS for reaffirming my belief in compression. Hopefully these will keep me on the road and trail back to real fitness, and the shirt will be worn with pride and not just functionality, haha.

*Product provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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