Gear Review: Trailfoody Food Kits for Day Adventures

The monthly mailing of a collection geared towards a specific consumer is an ever-growing industry and a lot of fun. A recent sample I received is one I can wholeheartedly endorse, because it covers several things I always need in my life: snacks and novelty!

Gear Review: Trailfoody Food Kits for Day Adventures

Picture this: you plan an adventure and you need snacks (everyone knows adventure and snacks go together). You go to the store and bam!, the selection and variety hits you. You could be bold and buy one of everything, or at least a few things, but you slink on down the aisle and ashamedly buy the same snacks you bring on every road trip or outing.

Nothing wrong with that, actually, I have a few faves as well. But there’s also the gnawing realization that there is a plethora of exciting options that I haven’t tried and am missing out on.

Trailfoody‘s plan is simple: trail food that is ready to go, so you start your adventure sooner. Each month, a package arrives bearing premium snacks that are healthy, have the right nutrient mix for outdoor activities, and also have great taste.

These can include dried fruits, jerky, energy bars, crackers, energy drink mix and so on. Every item in my sample package was from a snack company I had not heard of and every single one was really good. Trailfoody does feature some well-known brands, but the ones you haven’t heard of are the real story.

Gear Review: Trailfoody Food Kits for Day Adventures

A subscription can run from a single shipment (not really a subscription though, is it) to options for 9+, 21+, or 28+ snacks per month.

Not sure yet? Get a Taste of Trailfoody for free! You just pay $4 shipping. Check out the website for more info.

*Product provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

[*These are perfect for trail running; or add the Dripo coffee maker and you’re good for an overnighter.]

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