Gear Review: Züca All-Terrain Gear Hauler

When Züca offered to send me a sample of the All-Terrain Gear Hauler, I was initially torn. While it had a tough-looking design I liked, I couldn’t quite imagine actually using this in real life. It reminded me of a walking golf bag and I could see its use for disc golf, but… It intrigued me enough that I decided to see what I could come up with. Also, our youngest LOVES bags, especially on wheels, so I knew he would take to it right away.

Gear Review: Züca All-Terrain Gear Hauler

Per Züca, the All-Terrain Gear Hauler is designed for use outdoors: on the trail, at the beach, the golf course, while also providing seating when none is available. Oversized inflatable tires with rugged knobs mean you can take this gear hauler pretty much anywhere you can roll something. If it gets dirty while fulfilling its duties, the bag is removable and washable. Ours never got dirty enough to warrant that, and we took it out over three seasons.

The 51” telescoping handle adjusts to fit pretty much anyone – we tested it with people from 4 to 6 feet tall. A second handle built in to the top of the frame itself allows for easy lifting – the aluminum alloy frame is light (13.5 pounds). It’s also strong enough (and rated) to safely support up to 300 pounds. This is not a small bag (23.5” high, 22” wide, 19” deep with wheels), but the wheels are removable, so it’s a little bit easier to bring it along while traveling. Two bottle holders remind you to bring liquids and stay hydrated while you’re out.

We tried this for several activities and can see this being useful this Summer to head down to the beach. It’s not always easy to bring snacks, towels, and toys for six people – this will simplify things immensely. What we used it for the most was hauling our climbing shoes, chalk, and harnesses while hiking in areas we knew had bouldering or climbing opportunities – the hauler swallowed gear for six and still had room remaining. The integrated seat made it easy to sit and change shoes when needed.

Improvements: While the majority of the bag feels overbuilt, the telescoping rod feels a bit flimsy when compared to the rest of the bag. While we never had any issues, we did feel the rod bending under the load when dragged over larger obstacles. For peace of mind, a heavier gauge metal would make this rod feel more secure. A minor improvement would be for the bag to open bottom up – as it is designed now, the flap opens upward. Switching it to open downward would provide a small mat for changing shoes in adverse conditions while seated. Obviously this is most important when used as a climbing bag, but perhaps it would work for other activities as well, such as standing on hot sand at the beach. We’d also like to see a wider wheel stance – this would be especially helpful on narrow trails on slopes; the hauler has a tendency to tip when pulled along a trail with one edge higher than the other.

Overall, we were very impressed with the Züca All-Terrain Gear Hauler and its uses go far beyond simply bringing beach stuff and disk golf necessities. Pretty much the only thing limiting about this bag is your imagination.

MSRP $275 – sample provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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