Getting Kids Outdoors: Kid-O Bunks

One of the coolest things I saw at Summer OR Show were the Kid-O Bunks from Disc-O Bed. Since we live where nature is a bit more removed from daily life, our kids are typical suburban youth, as happy to hang out with their friends at home as they are to get out camping. Not that they mind camping, it just isn’t necessarily at the forefront of their thoughts. Making things fun and, more importantly, comfortable for them is one way to get them excited about getting out to a campground.

Getting Kids Outside: Kid-O Bunks

You can imagine how excited my 5 and 8 year olds were when this sample arrived in the mail and demanded instantly that we build the bunk beds ASAP. And, while not totally intuitive, we followed the directions and managed to build the cots and then the bunk bed together. We didn’t create the “couch” from the two cots simply because I couldn’t imagine a time we would use it, though if we need to, I’m sure we could just as easily follow the directions to get that done.

Reading outdoors was the first priority, followed by a request to get rid of their current beds and replace them with the new bunks, a project immediately nixed by Mom. Our fallback plan was to leave them set up in the basement, easily accessible and, since they don’t weigh much, easily moved when needed.

Getting Kids Outside: Kid-O Bunks

The cots were next grabbed by our Tween some days or weeks later, for a sleep over, but their use was short-lived (I found them sleeping on the couch the next morning) – turns out that the bunkbeds are not that comfortable if you’re too tall. Haha, I could have told them that.

While not as simple to set up as a basic camping cot, these are sturdier, more fun, and have the added benefit of becoming bunk beds when needed – they fit perfectly into our family tent, creating much more space than before (I have no idea how tent makers measure their floor space, our 8 person works just about right for the 6 of us). The included instructions and storage bag means it is easy to transport, set up and break down, and then store when not needed.

Getting Kids Outside: Kid-O Bunks

Having kids test gear is no joke. I approached the tent one time to find it rocking wildly, shouts and laughter emanating from within. Thumping added to my curiosity. What was happening? Exactly what you’d expect – little Kiddo on bottom bunk was kicking the top bunk, while Kiddo number 2 jumped around trying to avoid the barrage. The Kid-O Bunks barely moved… That’s peace mind knowing that these are so sturdily built.

Car camping family? Need extra beds for smaller visitors? Just want a cool product to excite your kids? The Kid-O Bunks are the perfect answer for our needs, in more ways than one. Well-built and well-priced for the convenience they afford, these will definitely be a staple of our family camping trips. Now to get some full sized adult versions for the rest of us… 🙂

The Kid-O Bunks were provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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