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GoLite Footwear is different from other outdoor shoes due to its proprietary “Soft Against the Ground” technology, which effectively turns traditional shoe construction upside down to provide greater stability and traction, while enhancing overall protection and performance. Even though they are both named GoLite,  along with the gear company from Colorado, they are actually two separate companies. The GoLite brand’s footwear license was issued to The Timberland Company some years ago. In 2008, New England Footwear purchased the license from Timberland and is currently manufacturing shoes under the GoLite Footwear brand name. Although they maintain ongoing dialog with the GoLite gear team, the two companies are unrelated and do not represent each other’s products.

New England Footwear was kind enough to send a pair of the Flash Lites in Windchime/Black. (They also sent Laima a pair of the women’s Micro Lites – she’ll be posting her review in a new blog we’ve created, Women’s Endurance Gear, look for that very soon.The Flash Lite is their lightest trail runner and extremely flexible, due to  the ultra-light dual density EVA midsole and the lightweight performance mesh upper. It offers a 2mm posting medial to lateral. The Flash Lites also feature SAT G technology, Precise Fit, Grip Stick Rubber, CrossOver, and GoLite Baretech.

  • SAT G: Soft Against The Ground – the soft part of the sole is close to the ground with the firm platform against the foot – the outsole thus absorbs the shock of the trail instead of your body.
  • Precise Fit – no two feet are alike, so by adding to or removing a pad from the insole, you can modify the forefoot volume to accommodate a narrow, medium, or wide foot.
  • Grip Stick Rubber – GoLite’s exclusive high-grip compound that provides superior traction on slick surfaces such as wet rocks, snow, and ice.
  • CrossOver – the super lightweight Crossover sole is made with two densities of EVA and can transition from the road to a single track trail with ease.
  • GoLite Baretech – offers all the benefits of barefoot running with the practical protection of traditional shoes.

Testing Conditions

The shoes were worn on the treadmill, cement, and asphalt, in all kinds of weather, including several post-Snowmaggedon runs in deep snow and over slippery ice.
Overall Impressions
In their FAQ, GoLite Footwear states that their shoes fit true-to-size, but in my experience, these shoes are actually roomier than a typical shoe, with much more volume than often found. If you have large, wide feet, these shoes are for you. If not, definitely try them out before purchasing. With that in mind, the Precise Fit technology is simply amazing in its ability to make the shoe feel different, depending on which additional pad (or none) one wears. These shoes thus are able to fit a range of feet, including the ability to fit differing sized feet of the same person (i.e., narrow left vs. wide right, etc.). Very nice feature. One other strange feature is that the tongue is attached on one side at the top, which takes some getting used to but also kept the insides free of debris and added to the water resistance. Quite handy when deep snow is on the running menu.
Several of my runs took place on the roads and sidewalks and, while a bit stiff, the shoes felt just fine, though my steps were not cushioned as much as with a typical road shoe. GoLite’s SAT G does make the shoes feel stiff against the foot, rather than cushioned like a typical road shoe. I didn’t really form an opinion on whether this was better or worse, just different.
On the snow and ice, the shoes started to show that they were more a trail than road shoe, with comfort noticeably improved. Beyond the occasional black ice, there was no loss of traction on either snow or ice and, stepping through 2-foot drifts, my feet never felt wet or cold.
Final Thoughts
This is a really well-made shoe and, and were comfortable on both the road and treadmill, along with some gravel trail. Apart from the stiff feel, which might not be appropriate for all runners, this shoe should definitely be tried on for the opportunity for toebox customization, making sure that it fits correctly on either foot. 
Only one complaint for me regarding these shoes. While the asymmetrical lacing system is sharp-looking and comfortable, I personally am a fan of heel-lock lacing and, without additional eyelets, it wasn’t possible on these shoes. Thus, the heels remained somewhat loose and, while it was never bothersome, would, in my opinion, improve these shoes.

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These babies showed up a few days ago, special black socks and all, really looking forward to trying these out and reporting back. Worn around the house, these shoes have been amazingly comfortable.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes, courtesy of GoLite Footwear via New England Footwear. I was not compensated in any other way for the review, was not obligated to give it a positive review, and all opinions are my own. Some information in this review was taken from the company website.

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