GoLite HydroSprint: Product Review

“When one bottle is all you need, the HydroSprint is the obvious choice. The stability of our wide hipbelt and No-Bounce™ strap system and ergonomic access to your bottle and gel flask lets you run long and hard.”

Tier 1 Recycled 210 Denier Nylon Double Ripstop; Nylon-Spandex Stretch Woven; High-Void Polyester Mesh


  • Newly developed soft-stretch mesh hipbelt moves moisture quickly to promote rapid drying
  • Gender-specific belt shape sculpted to carry comfortably on the hips
  • Zippered stretch hipbelt pockets hold keys, gel, camera, etc.
  • Angled, insulated bottle holster with reinforced guide scoop and bottom drain hole carries a 21oz BPA-free squeeze bottle (included)
  • 5 oz gel flask slot next to bottle holster
  • Improved No-Bounce™ load control system is easier to adjust on the move
  • Bungee attachment system secures wind jacket, hat, etc.
  • 360° reflectivity
  • This product comes with a sport bottle (21 ounces) that is biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, made with recycled content and BPA free. One of the best mottos ever graces the bottle: “The trail is my treadmill. Therefore I GoLite.” Genius. It also comes with a 5 ounce gel flask that has one very innovative and outstanding feature: a flat bottom. Having a flat bottom means the flask can be placed on a counter for filling, rather than held while struggling to squeeze gel into the narrow opening. Great idea!

    I have worn this on runs ranging from 8.5 to 15+ miles and am enamored with this product – I have an ongoing search to find a comfortable hydration waist pack, and this is my favorite to date. The comfort, ease of use, and clever design make this a pleasure to wear – unfortunately, it does not do my running for me, but does make carrying hydration and nutrition nearly effortless.
    Boasting a comfortable fastening system, this lumbar pack has a one-size waist, which can be adjusted to fit quite large midsections. I believe I have a 34″ waist these days (a gentleman doesn’t reveal all), and there are a good 6 inches of webbed belt left, so theoretically could fit up to a 46″ waist. Purely conjecture on my part. The ends slide through loops to keep them from flopping around. Simple system, well-designed.
    The belt also has two pockets, each large enough to fit my BlackBerry phone, energy bar, keys or map. The bottle rests comfortably in the lower back and does not bounce around, though even GoLite has not figured out how to keep the liquid from sloshing around. The 20 ounce bottle is sufficient for mid-distance runs, dependent on a person’s hydration needs. As mentioned, the gel flask is intelligently engineered with its flat base for ease of filling. It also sits nozzle down in its holster, so the gel does not settle into the bottom. The entire rig in the back can be tightened with 2 wires, increasing the comfort level.

    As mentioned, this has become my new favorite hydration pack, at least for mid-distance runs. Paired with a handheld or two, the distance could easily be increased. GoLite also makes a 2-bottle lumbar pack and will be the subject of a future review. As with all GoLite products, it is of high quality material and construction, and is highly recommended as part of your endurance arsenal.
    Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes, courtesy of GoLite and OutsidePR. I was not compensated in any other way for the review, was not obligated to give it a positive review, and all opinions are my own. Some information in this review was taken from the company website.
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    16 thoughts on “GoLite HydroSprint: Product Review

    1. I used to run with something similar to this (when I was somewhat fast) and then switched to a camelbak for longer runs (and became a very slow runner), and now I'm thinking maybe I need to switch back. THAT has to be why my speed dropped 😉
      …or that I gained 20 pounds…
      Hm…I'll have to think on that.

      Thanks for the review!

    2. Looks great. I especially like the big pockets. Now if they could just make a belt that doesn't make me look chubby. I'm thinking I might invent a corset/hydration belt for people who're concerned more about vanity than comfort. 🙂

    3. I have this one. It's good, but it seems like it is not as tight around the bottle as it used to be and the bottle crawls out sometimes when I pick up the stride-rate.

    4. I won one of these this summer. I love it. Only draw back is I need more water and anything past 12-15 I have to switch to another pack to carry 2. I love it holds gel and that the pockets fit my blackberry.

    5. Fun new toy!

      If I wore a water belt, I would feel like I should be going fast. So I carry my water bottle. I think it lowers other people's expectations of my speed 🙂

    6. Oh great and I bought the Nathan on your recomendation you sonofa%^&*tch. Now I gotta get one of these too.
      In all seriousness, I really looked for this system in a two bottle, when I bought the 4 bottle Nathan. I'm happy with it, but always resort to a single hand held on anything less than 6 miles. But I would really like one for 5-8 miles. Great write up. In fact I'm enamored !

    7. I have been looking at GoLite stuff for a while. I like that the gel flask is flat bottomed.

      I really want to say something snazzy here. But I got nothing.

      Great review!

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