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Several weeks ago, courtesy of GoLite and Outside PR, I received  a package of products to review. The products included the Wildwood Trail Shortsleeve 1/4-zip Run Top, the Rush daypack, and Mesh Cap. To try them out, I wore the Mesh Cap for the Indoor Triathlon I participated in (see earlier post) and also on my longer run this past Saturday, among other times.

For my long run, I headed over to the Greene Valley Nature Preserve, to run somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes. I wore all three products, both to see how they worked together and the fact that I looked a little bit like one of those cool ultrarunners (emphasis on little). I also wore a new pair of ultralight Gargoyles Striker sunglasses (review forthcoming), which really completed the ensemble.

A mile 1/2 or so into the run, I had a sharp back spasm, which quickly passed, but I nervously limited my run to the minimum 45 minutes. About 3 miles in I saw a deer on the trail, which, while not removing the tension in my back, cheered me up and I finished the run in a positive frame of mind.

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GoLite is a company that espouses the less is more philosophy, especially when playing outdoors. They are also interested in sustainability, which they accomplish by using less material and monitoring their operations, eliminating waste where possible.

Meaning of Lite

It started with a simple idea.
That experiencing nature would be better with less.
Less weight, less fuss, less waste….more fun.

It’s a philosophy that drives us to make simple,
beautiful high performance gear that’s
light on the planet.

Because, like you, we are athletes who thrive
on the trail.

Here’s the thing about GoLite products: they are light. Not just lighter than some other stuff, not just light as in not heavy, but LIGHT! So light that they basically disappear and you forget your wearing anything (sort of like barefoot running but clothing-wise). This is probably the last step before running naked. 🙂

Wildwood Trail Shortsleeve 1/4-zip Run Top: A 1/4-zip run top featuring venting control, an athletic cut that moves with the body, UPF 50+ and lightweight, quick drying fabrics. This shirt is so comfy, so light, so well-made that even a heavy sweater like myself basically couldn’t feel it. The 1/4 zip came in handy as I started to heat up. There’s also a back zipper pocket in the lumbar region – not sure what the intent of it is; I suppose you could put in a light rain jacket or map in there. Cons: only one problem that I found (and it’s not a flaw in the product) – this shirt is clingy and revealing in a way that is not altogether flattering to a fat guy like myself. On the other hand, once I’m fit, everyone will know it! 🙂

Rush: We’ve redesigned our favorite to be an even better jack of all trades. The fully customizable 2010 Rush does triple duty as a super-stable trail running pack, dialed mountain biking pack and great day hiking pack. I normally don’t run with a pack, so I added my waterbottle into the back center pocket (good balance!), my phone , id + credit card into a belt pocket, my keys into the other belt pocket, and threw in a lightweight jacket into the main compartment. Not sure what else I would ever bring on a run, except maybe a snack. The pack performed admirably, with lots of adjustability and felt light, even with all my stuff. It’s also set up to accept a hydration bladder and has routing for the hose, which is a great extra. Great reflective trim as well. Cons: As with most packs, the lower back gets extremely sweaty – not sure if anyone will ever solve that problem, as moving the pack away from the lower back increases sway and decreases balance.

Mesh Cap: Keep cool no matter the distance endurance cap. I love this cap! I’m a cap guy, as long they are light and comfortable and don’t make me feel like I’ve got something heavy on my head; actually I prefer visors, since they have so much more breathability. When you produce as much heat as I do, air movement is muy importanté. I would wear this hat in place of a visor at any time, it’s that light and comfortable. Here’s a picture of me riding to my age division second-place (of 3 competitors!) at the Indoor Triathlon:

Products I covet: Mesa Trail 5″ Run Short, Visor, TraveLite Wheeled Carry-On in Coriander.

Strangest Product: Biodegradable Sport Bottles. Hmmmm…

If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at lakotega@yahoo.com.

(Disclaimer: Outside PR sent me this product for free to review on my blog – courtesy of GoLite. I did not pay for the item, receive payment, or agree to give it a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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  1. Ugh, that back pack would be perfect if its just a hydration system, and leave the bottle out. I like it except for the bottles part, I dont want to be reaching around every 15 minutes or so

    Great Review

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