GreenTraveler Food Container Review

GreenTraveler Food Container

I couldn’t resist agreeing to review a Green Traveler – its shape reminds me of old-time thermoses I have used over the years. This is a pretty unique design though, a food container that is a novel interpretation of a bento box.

GreenTraveler is essentially 2 larger storage containers along with 2 cups/bowls. Each item has its own lid, and they all snap together for transport – while missing a handle, it does have a pair integrated carabiner loops to attach to a backpack or other bag with an included carabiner.

GreenTraveler Food Container exploded view

One thing missing is a way to store eating utensils, so any knife, fork, or spoon must be brought along separately. There is a strange little fork thingy included, but I’m not sure if that’s for eating or cleaning. Kind of a strange oversight for an otherwise clever design.

This reusable container helps reduce packaging waste, is liquid tight, dishwasher safe and food safe. Total volume is 33 ounces, so basically a full meal can be brought along anywhere you need it. This saves money on buying food at your destination and also allows control over what you eat.

GreenTraveler Food Container with water

At a MSRP of $49.99, this is more expensive upfront over purchasing other food containers or using plastic baggies, but the design and portability far surpass those options.

The plastic feels sturdy and should last quite a while (they claim a lifetime), and replacement parts are available if needed. GreenTraveler are developing a closed loop system to recycle the containers in-house, which seems like a responsible way to do business.

GreenTraveler Food Container with granola

In general, with the worldwide issues we are experiencing, I’m not a fan of plastic gear, so it’s good to hear they will have a stainless steel version available in the near future.

I can see using this as a non-food storage container as well, maybe a first aid kit for the car, or other uses as needed.

GreenTraveler Food Container logo sticker

As a whole, the GreenTraveler is a well-designed, not overly heavy, and useful storage container, be it for food or other uses you dream up.

*Product provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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