Hell Hike And Raft: HikeGoo

One of the most fun things about the lead-up to Hell Hike And Raft is that some of the partners will be providing their products ahead of time. One of these, Foot Kinetics, provided a sample of HikeGoo, blister protection for the feet.
Hell Hike And Raft: HikeGoo
I’m as leery as the next person about smearing goop on my feet, even if it’s supposed to be beneficial. Also, I don’t get blisters very often, so this seemed a redundant product for me. Two things changed my mind, however: one, this product is supposed to work in both wet and dry conditions, and two, the Epic Social Adventurers from last year’s trip raved about the product. That kind of expertise you don’t just dismiss out of hand.
HikeGoo’s waxes slow skin absorption, so the layer applied stays on between foot and sock all day. The tube itself is the applicator, with large nubs surrounding the central product portal, which helps keep hands clean and also provides a little bit of foot massage.
To test, I applied HikeGoo to one foot, but not the other, surmising that this would give me distinct results. Foot Kinetics warns that HikeGoo is slippery in bare feet, but I found that even with socks, the foot with HikeGoo slid more easily across our wood floors. The foot with the HikeGoo also felt cooler, in a menthol fashion, which would probably come in handy on hot days.
Since I’m not blister-prone, I can’t say that this product necessarily does what it’s intended for. It does feel like it would be effective, a foot massage is welcome anytime, and the coolness (even if just mental), is a definite bonus in our hot and humid weather.
I’ll keep trying this on and off over the upcoming months, so if anything changes, I’ll let you know (check out the review).
This product was provided to the Hell Hike and Raft Crew free of charge – all opinions are my own.
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