Hi Honey, I’m Home!

Hi Honey, I'm Home!


What a few weeks it’s been! First, three days at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, then the #Hikerchat outing, culminating in Hell Hike And Raft 2015 in Idaho, six days of backpacking and whitewater rafting. Total shock to be back in real life…
Over the next several weeks you’ll be inundated with posts about the show, hiking, camping, the food (oh, the food), whitewater rafting, the gear, and the crew. It’s hard to know where to begin, but begin I will, with three days of me being a kid in the candy store, aka OR Summer Show. I met with a lot of cool companies, met up with some great people, and made connections for projects moving forward. Hikerchat was awesome yet again, due to the generosity of Teton Sports and the great group of people along for the ride. I don’t even know how I’ll describe the epicness that was HHAR, but it was AWESOME (the waiting was the hardest part, as was getting ready, yet so worth it).
Right now it’s about getting caught up with the family, work, and, of course, social media. Being off the grid was both a blessing and a curse – amazing how things stack up while you’re gone…

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