Hiker Safety: Self Defense Tips

Hiker Safety: Self Defense Tips

It’s a scary fact of life, that even when well away from populated centers, you are at risk. Besides the obvious environmental risks like weather, terrain, and wild animals, there are people out there who are willing to do you harm. Sad but true. It doesn’t take much to be prepared and you don’t have to be hyper-vigilant either (you ARE in  nature to relax after all), just be aware of your surroundings. Krav Maga, a self-defense and fitness program, has some tips for you.

First, identify the danger or the most dangerous aspect of the attack. In a bear hug attack, especially from behind, the attacker can control the victim. Once the attacker controls your body, they can lift you and carry you away, throw you into a vehicle, or drag you to a place where you are unlikely to be seen or heard.

Hiker Safety: Self Defense Tips

Krav Maga teaches students to start fighting back right away. In order to be most effective, there are three steps in fighting back: base, space, and turn in. because of the dangers inherent in the attack.

BASE – drop your “base” or make yourself heavy. To start, bend your legs and drop the level of your hips, sitting down into a full squat. Sit slightly back and into the attacker, with your head up, not folded forward. This lowers your center of gravity, which makes it more difficult to lift your body off of the ground.

SPACE –  “space” or create distance from the attacker. For the most part, it helps an attacker  be close to you to control you. With your “base” low, immediately begin sending strikes in a side-to-side motion to vulnerable areas on the attacker: go for the groin first. Aggressive and continuous side-to-side motion may also create space from the attacker by making it more difficult to hold onto you.

TURN IN – When you have a solid base, created space between the attacker and yourself, the next step is to “turn in” or turn toward the attacker to continue the fight. Shield your face with an elbow and turn forcefully in the direction of that elbow. This elbow can both protect your face and become a weapon as you turn and strike.

Continue attacking until you feel you can safely elude your attacker and make your way to safety.

There you go. Hopefully you’ll never need these tips, but if anything were to happen, you know what to do.

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