Hikerchat Meet-Up Summer 2016 ORShow

The Outdoor Retailer Show comprises 2 of the best weeks of the year for me – not only is it a great time to connect with outdoor brands, PR companies, and likeminded folks, it’s also when the semi-annual hikerchat meet-up occurs! On the last day of the show, Teton Sports, evil genii behind the Twitter chat, organize an outing for everyone and anyone who wants to show up.

Hikerchat Meet-Up Summer 2016 ORShow

Of course it helps to be in the know, as you need to sign up to get the info (and usually to plan the car pools). This Summer, the plan was to drive up canyon to Brighton Ski Resort, then hike up the mountain to the Twin Lakes Reservoir (actually I’m sure the plan was more grandiose, but us flatlands have a way of reining the mountain folk in a bit when they get too ambitious). Many, many cars pulled into the Silver Lake Loop trailhead and about 20 people self-identified as being part of the group (that’s half the fun, putting a face to a Twitter handle). Before we headed uphill, new TETON Sports shirts, Camp Chef steel cups, and Catalyst Case swag was distributed, truly a sweet perk for attending.

The hike was not too long, too steep, or too arduous – in fact, if this were a fairy tale, this trek would have been just right. Not to say that it was easy, but the group stretched out and reconnected along the trail, with photo ops and scenic views a good chance to catch one’s breath.

If you ignored the massive cement structure creating the reservoir, Twin Lakes is an idyllic mountain lake (the water level is so high it connects the two “twin” lakes), but no swimming is allowed (apparently common in the area), so we walked partway around before heading back and down to the cars.

Hikerchat Meet-Up Summer 2016 ORShow

The outing always ends with a reconvening and feast back at the Teton Sports showroom. Shawn and Landon manned the grill (provided by Camp Chef), while the rest of us lazed, chatted, and said our goodbyes.

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