Hiking Iceland’s Laugavegur Trail

This Fall, a plan is afoot to trek Iceland’s Laugavegur Trail, perhaps its most famous hike (with stunning natural beauty – National Geographic listed it as one of the most beautiful trails in the world). Typically people hike from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk (or the opposite direction), but Missouri Howell and I are adding another day and ending our journey in Skógar.

Laugavegur Trail Trek 2018

That’s right – the guys who brought you UintasHike16 and reveled in the Ice Age Trail’s North Kettle Moraine (remember Hiking with Howell?) are teaming up again, this time overseas.

We’ll be camping and staying in huts after starting in Landmannalaugar via a bus from Reykjavik. Over 4 days, we’ll wend our way through some of the most scenic landscapes anywhere. What we expect to see are hot springs, waterfalls, geysers, rivers, black sands, glaciers, and volcanoes.

What we won’t see much of are flora or fauna, as it’s a pretty difficult place to eke out a living. We’ll end our trek with a view of the famously beautiful Skógafoss waterfall before jumping on a bus and making our way back to Reykjavik.

Initial plans have been made. Airplane and bus tickets have been purchased. Huts that were available have been reserved. Now the fun part begins – figuring out the gear we’ll need. Not easy – the combo of trekking, camping, and staying in huts is a pretty unique situation for me, so picking out what to bring is of paramount importance.

I’m also making it a little more difficult on myself by attempting to complete this trek with only items I can fit into a carry-on bag. Yup, quite the feat if I can pull it off.

Come back for occasional updates as I test backpacks (maybe the most important piece of gear on this trip), ultralight camping gear (as much as I can afford, which may be nothing), and other odds and ends as I prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.

Now if only the weather cooperates…

5 thoughts on “Hiking Iceland’s Laugavegur Trail

  1. I hiked the trail in 2003. Loved every step of it. The additional hike down to skogafoss is definitely worth it. Coming down on top of that waterfall is a great way to cap a great trail. Take advantage of some of the side hikes. There are some ice caves only a little ways from the huts that are a lot of fun to explore.

    1. I’ve heard the side trails can be some of the best experiences, can’t wait to get there and start exploring. Hard to believe it’s only a month and a half away!

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