Holiday Gift Guide

End of the year, and people are scrambling for gifts. Over the course of the year, we get samples of products and also buy things to try out, some of which we are happy to promote, others not so much. Up for your consideration are a sampling of presents which we’d be happy to get.

Keen Verdi II Mid WP boots

If you have a 12 or 13 year old son like we do, you know there is no such thing as an indestructible anything. We bought these Keen Verdi II Mid WP for Tazer about a month ago. Even with amateur Parkour, splashing through any and all puddles, climbing trees, walls, and any other stationary object, they still look almost new. Add in warmth and water proofness and you have an amazing winter boot – I’d buy a pair for myself if I needed new boots. Hmmm…

LEGO books

Speaking of kids, or adults who are still happy to use their imagination when playing, there might not be anything better than LEGOs. Unless, of course, you buy these books for the LEGO lovers in your life – these are beautiful books, chock full of amazing creations, step by step building instructions, and enough ideas to keep anyone occupied for hours on end. These sample books will be much appreciated by our kids this xmas!

Somersets English Shaving OilsFlorastor

Personal health is a matter of personal style, but skin and intestinal health is probably something all of us work on (or should). If you shave, male or female, Somerset English Shaving Oils will satisfy both with their pleasant aroma and silky feel on your skin. So glad we got these samples to try out! Probiotics are useful, but there’s only so much yogurt one can consume. We were especially happy when Florastor sent us samples, especially since they have some formulated just for kids – a happy tummy is a happy person, no matter the age.

Fitness books

If you’re anything like me, you’re active and have been, but maybe one too many trips to the wine cooler or grill have you feeling a bit too large for your own good. You’re working out, but it’s not enough, so maybe you try a diet, but diets don’t work. What to do? First, pick up Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, by Tom Venuto, the first book I’ve seen that doesn’t promote anything specific, but a simple plan, balancing nutrition, cardio, weight training, and the mental aspect of being the best you that you can be. I received this as a media sample, and so far I’m hooked – can’t wait to implement some of his ideas in the new year. One thing I’ll be doing more of is being more active; not just skiing and indoor cycling, but running as well. For inspiration, I’ll turn to The Essential Sheehan, soaking up his running wisdom. I received it as a sample from Rodale Press – check out their whole catalog for more running and clean living ideas.

Live Better Stories

When Teva sent us a pair of their Tevaspehere trail shoes, a GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition camera, and a Cloud Walker day pack, then told us to go “Live Better Stories,” we were all over it. Since then, we’ve made an effort to get out more often, bringing the kids along at every chance. I’ve used the camera in the water, on the trail and recently skiing. Love it. The Camelbak is one of my favorite backpacks ever, the perfect size for a day out with the kids in the outdoors – it’s become our de facto geocaching bag, full of trinkets to trade, snacks, GPS units, and, of course, the hydration reservoir. Because with 4 kids, one is bound to be thirsty. I wholeheartedly recommend both of these and will happily suggest you get both and make your own stories.

Happy Holidays!

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