Hydro Flask Insulated Food Flask Gear Review

Hydro Flask Insulated Food Flask Gear Review

I’m not a fan of storing food in plastic containers, so it’s great that the Hydro Flask Insulated Food Flasks are pro grade stainless steel, BPA free and feature double walled insulation.

Let me say right here that I am a huge fan of the new colors Hydro Flask is putting out, very sharp, appealing, and fun.

I’ve used this to take hot food to my son’s soccer game, on a road trip, and a few other times. As a scientific inquiry, I primed it with boiling water, added hot food, and then opened it once an hour on the hour to see how long the food stayed warm enough to eat. In my case, that was 5 hours and even then the food had residual warmth. This is not your typical test, so I suspect that the flask can keep sealed hot food for at least the 6 hours Hydro Flask states.

The food flasks come in two sizes and retail for about $30 for the 12 ounce and $35 for the 18 ounce. Hydro Flask does offer a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, so feel confident in acquiring one of these.

*This product was provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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