HYLETE – Performance CrossFit Training Apparel

HYLETE - Performance CrossFit Training Apparel

HYLETE’s vision:

Continuously create innovative, performance cross-training apparel that captures the spirit of the cross-training hybrid athlete.

HYLETE’s creed:

train to push yourself both physically and mentally;
compete so as to improve yourself, as well as those around you;
and live to be healthy in mind, body, and soul.
train. compete. live.

As I started CrossFit in December, I got a surprise opportunity via FitFluential to try out and review some apparel from HYLETE, who make performance CrossFit apparel. A company that has a public vision and creed appear to be professionals, so it was exciting to see if the apparel lived up to my initial impressions.

I ordered the Cross-Training Short 1.0, Cross-Training Performance Jacket 1.0, train.compete.live 1.0 tee, Compete Performance tee, and the Compete Short 1.0. If they had been in stock, I would have also gotten the Compete Performance 1.0 Hoodie, but that will have to wait for future purchases.

HYLETE Cross-Training Short 1.0

I’m a relatively big guy, but when these arrived, I thought it was a mistake – they looked HUGE! Yet, when I put them on, just right, maybe even a little big (I ordered them in XL and hope they’re too large very soon). Lightweight, yet ultra-durable fabric stretches with your every movement and doesn’t impede any motion, not even deep squats or box jumps. The right pocket holds a smartphone or small camera, with a pocket for security or sleeve for quick access. A smaller left pocket is designed to store items such as keys, ID, and credit cards. Fly gusset is constructed with power-mesh to provide exceptional comfort while maximizing breathability. This was the only thing I didn’t really care for – the laces often caught on the hook-and-loop fastener, not a big deal, but a zipper might make more sense. As with their other products, the shorts are guaranteed to survive your training regimen for 2 years. I think I wore them for every CrossFit workout since they arrived – I’ll give that 2 year guarantee a good run for its money!

HYLETE Cross-Training Performance Jacket 1.0

This 100% Polyester Jacket will soon become your favorite, albeit in warmer weather if you wear it on it’s own. Designed for a snug, athletic fit, this is a lightweight fleece jacket that moves with your body. Mesh panels on the back, under arms, and side-panels allow for plenty of air movement – I wore this as a second layer on some of my cold weather runs, and it really worked well for that purpose. While designed for training, I wore this jacket as a casual piece as well – the long ribbed cuffs were a nice touch, especially useful for extra warmth or folded out of the way. Guaranteed to survive your training regimen for 2 years, but I’ll be wearing this for a lot longer than that.

HYLETE train.compete.live 1.0 teeHYLETE Performance 3.0 tee

I’m old enough to remember when we all wore cotton tees for everything, including what was then called “jogging.” There is nothing like the feel of cotton against the skin, until it gets saturated, clingy, and droopy. That’s where the new tech fabrics really shine. These tees are the best of both worlds. The tees (60% cotton, 40% poly) are incredibly soft, dry quickly, and appropriate for both fitness and casual wear (and you’ll want to wear these ALL the time!). I wore them for both CrossFit and running and they performed admirably for both. Top that off with a guarantee that these will survive what you throw at them for 2 years and you have a perfect tee.

HYLETE Cross-Training Compete Short 1.0

As a comparison to the Cross-Training Shorts, I ordered these in the High-Cut version – I like shorter running shorts, so I thought these might work as well. These shorts are also made in a lightweight, ultra-durable, wicking fabric. An interesting design detail is the Inner Drawstring, which is located within a fabric pocket for a secure, low profile fit. An open interior fabric pocket is large enough to accommodate a Smartphone is included, as is the HYLETE 2 year guarantee. Frankly, these shorts didn’t work for me, though it’s not the design’s fault, but my own – I just don’t have the level of fitness to give these shorts justice. I wish I was fit enough to look good in these, but that’s some time off.

HYLETE video: Cross-Training Shorts

Besides fit and performance, design details really pushed this apparel from good to great. Small  details such as the comfortable waistbands, heavy duty stitching, and appropriate materials make a huge difference. I especially enjoyed hidden details like the creed on the inside of the Performance Jacket.

More information can be found on the HYLETE website, by liking on Facebook,  following on Twitter,  and subscribing on YouTube.

HYLETE - FitFluential Discount

Interested in purchasing? Enjoy a FitFluential discount code! The code is FF25 and is good for 25% discount. Certified Trainer? Get another 40% off when you sign up!

This product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes. No further compensation was given. A positive review was not guaranteed and all opinions are my own.

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