Ice Age National Scenic Trail

Ice Age National Scenic Trail

Established by Act of Congress in 1980, the Ice Age Trail is a National Scenic Trail totaling approximately 1,200 miles (trail is being added to and changed yearly) across Wisconsin. The two trailheads for the Trail are Interstate State Parkin the West and  Potawatomi State Park in the East. The primary resource to get information on the trail is the Ice Age Trail Alliance website, with resources for day use, volunteering, section hiking, and planning a thru-hike. I highly recommend purchasing the Ice Age Trail Guidebook, as it has a lot of useful information about each section of the trail.

We’ve just started exploring the Ice Age Trail, with hikes and camping in the area closest to our home, the Kettle Moraine Southern Unit. I do have plans to hike the Northern Kettle Moraine sections this October with Jeff of Missouri Howell. As we complete sections, I’ll add the posts from the site to this page. Please also visit my YouTube playlist for POV videos and commentary.


Blackhawk Segment: