Ice Age Trail: Blackhawk Segment

The Ice Age Trail is one of eleven National Scenic Trails and covers over 1,000 miles, wholly within the state of Wisconsin. Located in Walworth County, the Blackhawk Segment is approximately 7 miles in length and runs between Young Road and US Highway 12. About a month ago, I spent some time exploring this segment. I finally finished editing a video of this segment and wanted to share that now.

Ice Age Trail: Blackhawk Segment

I walked this segment from North to South, which is the reverse of the popular Guidebook published by the Ice Age Trail Alliance. The segment covers a variety of terrain and passes through different ecological areas, from savanna to hardwoods to pine plantations, with water features such as streams, ponds, marshes, and lakes along the way.

This segment includes a walk-to shelter, Backpack Shelter 3, which has a private outhouse, sits atop a steep hill and is surrounded by dense forest. It is one of the few shelters in the area that allow for overnight stays on the trail and must be reserved in advance.

Lake La Grange, which I reached to wards the end of my hike, is quite beautiful, with woods on one shore and open grassland on the other. There are several benches for sitting and viewing the lake, a nice spot to rest before the final push to the US Hwy 12 Trailhead.

Ice Age Trail: Blackhawk Segment Video


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