Ice Climbing Near Chicago

Ice Climbing Near Chicago

Live in or near Chicago and thinking about ice climbing, but don’t know where to start? Recently, I took an introductory ice climbing lesson from Vertical Adventure Guides, based in Baraboo, WI. The actual ice climbing took place in a suburb of Chicago, on a farm’s silo. That’s right, a silo. Joel, the instructor, took me under his wing and showed me the basics. As I progressed, he fine-tuned my technique, gave me suggestions, and had me feeling confident that I could actually do this sport. While I didn’t make it to the top, too heavy and too weak, I can see this becoming addictive and a great addition to getting outdoors during the Winter.

Joel made a video for me to capture my initial attempts. In the video, you can see the silo we climbed on, my initial hesitant chops at the ice (bad form), and then maybe halfway up as I got better.

This is only one of the unique activities that Vertical Adventure Guides provides – they also  have canyoneering, caving, kayaking, climbing, cycling, caving, and snowshoeing! Hopefully we’ll get to hook up with them this Summer to try out one of their outings.

If you’re thinking of trying ice climbing, check out my Ice Climbing 101.

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