Icebreaker GT150 Run Ace Long Sleeve Crewe

After the success of the GT260 Pursuit Crewe winter weight top as an integral piece of gear, I was excited to receive the Icebreaker GT150 Run Ace Long Sleeve Crewe to test out and review. GT Run is a premium range of technical garments designed specifically for runners. Icebreaker merino breathes, controls temperature and protects runners from the sun’s harmful rays.

Much like the GT260, this shirt is both lightweight and comfortable, with warmth appropriate for its use. It conforms to the body, but not in a clingy fashion and once again, the thumb loops are an excellent addition, for days when bare hands might not be enough, but gloves would be too much.

As with all Icebreaker clothing, there isn’t a need to wash it very often – the merino wool acts as a scent suppressor, so even after 6 or 7 or more workouts, the apparel has no stink. Simply amazing. Extremely high quality, superb performance, once again, highest marks for use as a standalone piece or lighter-weight baselayer.

One thing more environmental companies are doing is allowing the consumer to see where the materials for the product came from. Icebreaker offers the Baacode for consumers to see where their wool was sourced. It displays the possible stations from which the wool was sourced, then discusses their environmental and manufacturing ethics, followed by their thoughts on animal welfare.

The French factory that cleans Icebreaker merino fibre recycles and cleans its water. Lanolin oils, produced as a waste product by this process, are sold to the beauty industry.

The German factory that spins the fiber reuses heat produced by processing for air conditioning, while the factory that makes Icebreaker garments conserves energy through large-volume dyeing. It also has a water recycling plant and a heat transfer plant to reuse energy for heating.

I think that the Baacode is a nice start and I realize that it is expensive for companies to enact policies like this one. I have to say that I hope Icebreaker expands this and shows the path from grower to consumer, including all intermediate steps.

I would like to see the station(s) where the wool was sourced, then follow it to France, then Germany, then China, all the way to the United States. Larger companies are doing this already, hopefully Icebreaker will be able to follow suit.

*This product was sent to me for review purposes, courtesy of Icebreaker via the Jam Collective. I was not compensated in any other way for the review, was not obligated to give it a positive review, and all opinions are my own. Some information in this review was taken from the company website.

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