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As a winter runner, I am faced with many challenges when I step out the door. Weather conditions can be dressed for, reflective gear can be worn for safety, but a slip and fall is by far the biggest worry. Some shoes are made with winter running in mind, using differing densities of rubber on the sole to create lugged soles that give you traction in most conditions.

Most conditions, but not all. Thus, winter runners add traction devices for an added layer of security. These devices range from strap on spikes to wire coils to sheet metal screws. All can be effective, yet all have their drawbacks.

ICESPIKE is for runners who want to keep their winter training on track and outdoors. With ICESPIKE you have non-slip grip shoes without the additional pressure on the top of the foot or the extra bulk underneath the shoe associated with traditional strap-on traction devices. ICESPIKE creates non-slip running shoes with unparalleled traction on ice and snow.

When your winter running shoes are outfitted with ICESPIKE, you retain your natural feeling of freedom and range of movement! The ICESPIKE system is so lightweight and effective you don’t even know you’re wearing them! ICESPIKE is the only traction system light enough to put in 20+ mile long runs without causing injury, muscle fatigue or alterations in running gait.

Using “screw shoes”? ICESPIKE makes these far superior upgrades: ICESPIKE ice spikes are 10 times more durable, have researched layout pattern for proper gait and engineered design for extreme traction. Simply installing ICESPIKE ice spikes on the sole of any shoe creates an ice running shoe, ice walking shoe, or ice hiking boot that is unsurpassed in safety and durability by any other product.

The long-lasting hardness and integrity of the grip of ICESPIKE ice spikes has no equal. Our cold-rolled, tool quality steel of the ICESPIKE shoe system ice spike will outlast your shoes, yet still can be removed at any time using the ICESPIKE installation tool. ICESPIKE will not damage the shoe sole.

ICESPIKE is for walkers, hikers, and trail runners who want to enjoy the outdoor beauty of winter. Walk your adventure dog with peace of mind that you can keep up. Any footwear can be converted into non-slip walking shoes, non-slip hiking boots, or winter trail running shoes with ICESPIKE. Having ICESPIKE on your winter walking shoes gives you peace of mind on the most treacherous terrain.

ICESPIKE gives you the freedom and security to participate in any winter outdoor activity. ICESPIKE is a premium product made and packaged in the USA.”

As someone who loves to run on trails, this is an absolute necessity for winter running. I was interested first and foremost how simple this product was to use, then how well it worked, and finally how it felt on pavement.

Installation is quite simple. Since the shoes I chose had a dark sole, I looked around the house for a white paint marker or correction fluid, but to no avail. I found some lime green stickers (the “it” color this season) and used those instead.

Apart from some initial muscle necessary to get the screws started, getting the screws in is not difficult. I left the stickers in place in order to have the ICESPIKEs show up more clearly on the dark sole.

To make this a realistic test, I installed the ICESPIKEs on one shoe only and headed out. First part of the run was on cement and pavement, as I ran to a forest preserve near home, beautiful place to run.

There was a marked difference between the two shoes. First, it felt strange on the cement to have the additional screws underfoot, and it took a while to get used to the sound. I purposefully ran across ice patches and some of the trails were nothing but ice, giving a good test of the efficacy of this product. The foot with the spikes did not slip a single time, while the other did. Simply put, this product works.

The ICESPIKE give three benefits: safety, options, and confidence. After running on a variety of surfaces, I felt safer planting the shoe with spikes, especially on ice, though the shoe felt slightly more grippy on asphalt and cement as well. Options comes from the fact that, with this product installed, a winter run can be undertaken in even the most difficult  conditions, so one does not have to opt for the treadmill unless so desired. Confidence came from knowing that planting the spikes on the iciest uphill or downhill would result in traction.

Now I wouldn’t recommend anyone else attach the spikes to one shoe only – the height difference made it somewhat awkward to run. Also, I’ve done the hard work for you – the spikes made an apparent difference.

If you are a winter runner and want safety, options, and confidence, this is a product that truly delivers.

*Product provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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19 thoughts on “ICESPIKE Product Review

  1. Ice Spike looks crazy! While living in Colorado I had a horrible experience with running using strap-on stuff and would have loved alternatives. Does this destroy your shoe at all?

  2. I'd suggest drilling a shallow couple mm starter hole during installation of the spikes. I'd also modify it with a small washer to absolutely make sure that the spike was not able to force itself all the way through the sole of the shoe.

  3. Haven't pulled them out, but from what I've read the soles somewhat heel themselves. Adding a washer might make it more likely for the spikes to pull out. Inserting them in a lug makes it seemingly unlikely that they would penetrate the sole.

  4. I like this idea … plus if you carry the screwdriver with you … you can jab it through the head of the snow-plow driver deciding not to finish plowing the road you are running on and instead turning off the road to buy himself a coffee.

  5. I'm laboring under the delusion that it's going to be 70 degrees for the rest of the year (starting tomorrow), so this post means nothing to me. 🙂

  6. so i should find these and buy them for my race next week rather than buy yaktrax?….pretty sure the trail is going to have snow…i'm deferring to ur wisdom of all things in gear and trails… 🙂

  7. Kovas, thanks SO much for your wonderful & honest review of our product!

    FYI, for you warm weather dwellers, Icespikes are handy on tracks & dirt trails as well, as illustrated by Dani Ashford, who just became the fastest woman to run a marathon on an indoor track (using Icespikes) (

    @Patrick (regarding adding a washer) Icespike was created with a reverse, sharp, serrated washer under the spike to grip against the rubber soles, thus not allowing the spike to loosen and be lost. If you add a washer you are taking away an important part of the system. You are also, by adding the washer, shortening the distance that the threads penetrate, thus taking much of the holding power of the spike. The design of the spike length will not penetrate to the foot if directions on the package are followed; this has been tested in 100 of shoes and if installed correctly won’t damage the shoes or the wearer.

    Cheers all, and happy running!!!

  8. Great review! I've heard wonderful things about IceSpikes. I keep meaning to purchase some and keep forgetting! Glad to know they work well.

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