IG Charcoal BBQ Grill Review

IG Charcoal BBQ Grill

Getting a sample of the IG Charcoal BBQ made me excited to try a grill with some features I’d never seen before. I love the look of the stainless steel, and it seems really durable as well as being relatively easy to clean.

The grill comes in pieces but I suspect most people won’t have an issue putting it together correctly. The only caveat I have is that, at a listed 71 pounds, it does take some grunt work to move it around initially.

IG Charcoal BBQ Grill setup photos

With a 480 square inch cooking surface, this can handle a huge party but also can be used to cook for one. The stainless steel grates appear as if they’ll take years of abuse, and are easily removed if you want to cook directly on the coals or use appropriately sized skewers for shish kabobs.

If you’re not an expert with charcoal, then this is the grill for you. One of the features that makes this so easy to use is the handle that moves the charcoal up and down, so getting the correct temperature is much easier than in a typical charcoal grill.

IG Charcoal BBQ Grill with cheeseburgers

Another fantastic feature are the grill legs. Yes, the legs. Featuring 4 four inch casters, they make it easy to roll the grill around, with two locking wheels to keep it in place once you’re ready. And when you’re ready to store the grill or throw it in your car for tailgating or camping, the legs easily slide out for transport.

When you’re done grilling, the IG Charcoal BBQ Grill is so easy to clean up, especially when compared to other charcoal grills. A.s the charcoal burns, the ashes fall through onto a slide-out tray – let the ashes cool, slide out the tray and dump it. Easy.

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Other great features include the two fold-down side trays and the removable bottom tray. This makes it convenient to keep your utensils, condiments, and food handy as you grill, with no need for additional side tables. The fold-down trays also make it a little more compact for storage.

With all these great features, there is really only one way they could make the IG Charcoal BBQ Grill better. That would be by adding a lid for this grill. Without a lid, you can’t easily cook food indirectly or smoke your meats. Without a lid, storage is a little more problematic, as the elements can easily get in unless you cover it or keep it under a roof.

IG Charcoal BBQ Grill coals on fire


The IG Charcoal BBQ Grill is an ideal charcoal grill for both newbies and experts alike, with great features such as heat control, ease of cleaning, and simple storage, while being easily moved and transported.

While not inexpensive, I believe the build quality and plethora of great features make this an excellent choice for anyone looking at purchasing a charcoal grill. IG has really put a lot of thought into the design and use of this grill.

*This product was provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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