In Which I Propose to Run a 5K

Back in 2012, when I ran a 50K at The North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin, I never would have guessed that a 5K would be a challenge for me to complete. But time has a funny way of changing things, doesn’t it?

Almost immediately after the race, I fell into a deep funk that has really lasted up until now – as part of being depressed, I stopped exercising and went overboard with food and alcohol, resulting in many many many extra pounds being added.

There were times that I tried to snap out of the black hole, but the sides were too steep and it eventually became comfortable down there.

In Which I Propose to Run a 5K

Over the years there have been sporadic attempts to get fit, but it is damn hard when you’re as far gone as I was. Plus, the added weight made everything more difficult, more painful, easier to quit. Eventually I stopped trying and relegated myself to a life of a non-runner.

Lately though, I’m starting to stop feeling so sorry for myself and peeking over the rim of this abyss, seeing what’s out there. While my day to day life remains a huge negative that I cannot change, unfortunately, one thing I can do is to change my attitude.

I’m looking outside of myself and finding a small spark of wanting to do things again, to interact with people, to become the person I wish I was.

I bought a stand up paddle board (a plan of many years), started walking every day, and, when The North Face Locals offered to comp me a race at this year’s Endurance Challenge, I suddenly had a real, tangible goal. Fight inertia.

And there it is: I propose to run a 5K this September – I’ll be running it with my 9 year old son. It’s his first true trail race and the Wisconsin venue is an ideal place for it. We’ll once again be RV camping, enjoying the weekend and the race festival atmosphere, and I hope it’s just one of several events I have planned to reinvent myself and find happiness again.

Thinking of running the Endurance Challenge Wisconsin this year? Let me know! Also, as a TNFLocal, I have a discount code to share – use code TNF15LOCAL69 for 15% off on any race distance. It’s also valid for the Endurance Challenges being held in Ontario and Utah, so feel free to use and share.

4 thoughts on “In Which I Propose to Run a 5K

  1. How did you like the North Face Endurance Wisconsin? I am signed up for the North Face Ontario (initially signed up for the 50m but dropped down to marathon relay as I won’t be ready for an ultra at this point!). Thanks for your insight!

    1. We love this event – it starts and finishes at a campground, so the whole weekend can be spent onsite. This is not a very technical course but it’s interesting enough to keep you alert. This is our 4th time this year, we’ve run everything from 5K to 50K, with the kids moving up from the fun run to 5K to the 10K this year.

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