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The INKnBURN Difference
“INKnBURN designs, cuts and sews all our athletic gear to create the ultimate in workout clothes. The fabrics we use are moisture wicking, light and they breathe — helping you stay comfortable as you achieve your peak performance. Our proprietary technique for getting art on our apparel creates vivid and powerful designs that you can’t feel, and that do not compromise the performance of the fabric. Our technical running shirts are great for cross-country races, marathons, ultras or trail-running. They also just feel great to lounge around in after a tough training session or race. We want to empower you to do your best, and our designs are all about personal strength and performance. Don’t disappear into the crowd… Distance yourself with INKnBURN and the Art of Running.”
Our family was lucky enough to get to try out tech tees across the range INKnBURN offers, from my Lime Green Spatter, GaiGai’s Silly Boys shirt, to the boys’ Circuit Tech (very Transformer-like). The coolest may have been Laima’s, the Sun Totem Tech Tank, which featured an original design by artist Jesse Miller. He was kind enough to answer a few questions via email, so head over to Women’s Endurance Gear to read her review and check out what he said about his art.
I have to admit, I’ve been intrigued by INKnBURN since I first saw their products – with designs ranging from somewhat basic tees in brilliant colors to skull and bones tattoo-inspired creations, one is sure to stand out when wearing one of their shirts. This is good on 2 levels: being seen is a safety measure, but also can give a shot of confidence. The company was started with endurance runners in mind – if someone can run 100 miles comfortably in one of these, you or I can run comfortably as well.

Family Hike at
Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center
Father’s Day 2011

(Image courtesy of Laima at Women’s Endurance Gear)

The shirts are comfortable, no doubt about that. No tag, no heavy ink for the designs, light technical fabric, what’s not to like? I wore them multiple times and around the house as well. The kids have practically lived in theirs since day one, even using them as pyjama tops, soccer jerseys, beach coverups, etc. Now that is a true endorsement. My shirt was a bit loose on me, which was comfortable in most situations, but I’m thinking that a tighter fit might be a better option during hotter weather, though even in our hot and humid summer weather, this shirt was comfortable to wear – I sweat a LOT and, even though the shirt was drenched, it never hung overly heavily, which is nice.
The shirts are not inexpensive, but the quality is definitely there and the designs will make you stand out at any event or workout you participate in. For some, the design will not be enough to pay the premium, but I think this a company worth checking out. Really, who doesn’t want a “Run Or Die” shirt in Lime Green? (I know The Manly Runner does.)
Inspired? Check out the INKnBURN website, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter.
(Disclaimer: I was sent these products for free to review on my blog – courtesy of INKnBURN. I did not pay for the items, receive payment, or agree to give them a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company’s website, the opinions are my own.)

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6 thoughts on “INKnBurn Tech tees

  1. Quality really matters even if it means the price is higher. These are right up my alley..color, art, vibrant!!. Love them! You write great reviews Kovas and you and Laima make the best team. You on perhaps my favorite virtual couple! Okay, enough ass kissing!

  2. I like the designs, though I'm confused about the name “ink n burn”. Haha. Then again, like abercrombie and fitch really makes sense either. And I do run on trails sometimes! 🙂

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