Keep Red Rock Rural

Cheyne Lempe
Photo by Cheyne Lempe

Mountain Hardwear climbers Angie Payne and Kyra Condie are taking a stand. In “Tipping Point. Save Red Rock,” (written by Christine Kassar), Payne and Condie relay their passion for the renowned climbing area and the importance of protecting these wild spaces.

“As the world is only getting busier, crazier and more crowded, we need places like Red Rock that provide an escape from the busyness and stress of the developed world. We need places that remain wild,” says Angie.

Cheyne Lempe3
Photo by Cheyne Lempe

Located about 15 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a local favorite for hiking and climbing.

A developer has proposed building more than 5,000 homes along with the commercial infrastructure to support the new residents. Defenders of Red Rocks maintain that this non-rural development would increase traffic, pollute the area, and be the first step in even more construction adjoining the conservation area.

Keep Red Rock Rural
Photo by Cheyne Lempe


Over 50,000 people have signed the petition to “Keep Red Rock Rural,” supported by local officials and most of the county residents, but county commissioners turned a deaf ear, voting in favor of the new development. New litigation is underway to attempt stoppage of the project.

There is a time and place for development of this density, and, in my opinion, should abut or preferably replace existing like construction rather than spread out ever farther into more pristine areas. Join Save Red Rock and Mountain Hardwear and sign the petition.

[*Check out Mountain Hardwear’s Impact Initiative for more cool environmental work they’re backing.]

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