Kelty Gunnison 1.3 Tent

With #UintasHike16 forthcoming, and plenty of other solo adventuring to be had, I was excited to get a sample of the Kelty Gunnison 1.3 Tent to test out. A one person, three season tent, Kelty markets this as a backpacking tent, so I thought it might be ideal for times I’m not sleeping in the car.

Kelty Gunnison 1.3 Tent

The tent comes with everything you need: tent, footprint, rainfly, poles, stakes, and guiltiness, along with a handy bag to store/carry it all in. The tent is super simple to set up, maybe even possible with one hand. It took me six leisurely minutes to set this up, so a much faster time is possible if needed.

Part of the simplicity is how all the parts are manufactured to fit together. The poles are shock corded and gathered into a single hub – each pole has a small ball at the end to snap into a receptacle at the corners of the tent. The hub attached to the center of the top of the tent, and then a simple twist is all that is needed to attach the tent to the poles. A little less intuitive is the rainfly, but once you locate the Kelty name (not on the front as expected, but off to the side), it too is pretty simple to get on, with simple clips at the corners. I didn’t notice the first time, but Kelty has color coded the clip and fly attachment, which makes things easier still. The fly can be used in a traditional manner or, with trekking poles (not included), can be set up as an awning. Pretty cool feature.

At 89 x 29 x 40 in, the tent is large enough for most to feel comfortable both lying down and sitting up. Plenty of mesh means air flow is good, while the fly promises full protection from inclement weather. Storage featured in the tent allow for organization, and the vestibule is large enough to place items outside. The whole kit and caboodle fits into the 10 x 15 in rolltop bag, or can be carried separately.

Cons: There are two drawbacks to this tent: the weight and the stakes. At 4 lbs 9 oz, this is not a lightweight tent to carry easily, though this does include everything you need, which can’t be said for some lighter tents. The included stakes are very soft, bending easily, so they either need to be replaced with more substantial stakes or you just have to be very careful

I enjoyed using the Gunnison 1.3 tent, and will definitely keep this around for shorter trips and times when quick setup is necessary. With its ease of use, full features, and comfort for a single camper, this is definitely a tent to keep in mind.

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