Lander Moab Case Review

Lander Moab case

Expedition Grade. Crush Zones. Edge Siping. Illumifind. Thermoline. Lander‘s Moab sounds like one badass iPhone case. It’s always fun to get samples to review that promise a lot.

Everyone knows the smartphone safety rules: don’t let it get to hot or too cold; don’t lose it in the dark;  and whatever you do, don’t drop it.

Lander Moab Thermoline lining
Thermoline is said to extend the temperature range for iPhone use

The Moab is supposed to take care of all those issues with a 10′ drop protection, Illumifind material to reflect back your flashlight when searching for it in the dark, and Thermoline to protect it from extreme heat or cold.

iPhones are supposed to work between 32° – 95° Fahrenheit (0° – 35° Celsius), but the Moab supposedly extends that range to 0° – 120° F (-18 to 49° C). I didn’t test it to those extremes, but I did use it outdoors in cold weather with no issues. I did put it in the freezer one day for an hour, but that ended up being too much for it.

It’s been pretty cold since I received the case for review, so I’ll have to update the review after I get a chance to bake it in the hot sun and see if the warmer temp claims are true.

Lander Moab slim profile
The Lander Moab’s slim profile belies its protective capabilities


For such a slim case, it has a substantial feel and I believe it might provide impact protection up to 10 feet (I purposefully dropped it from around 4 feet and it barely blinked). Of course, the case will only protect your phone if it falls on the edges or back, and not on its face. I need my phone too much to test it by throwing it off a balcony, but I’ve seen others do it in their reviews, so I will take their and Lander’s word for it.

Illumifind is Lander’s reflective stitched details that supposedly help you find your phone quickly in the dark. I’ve read a bunch of reviews around the web and most people think it’s a decent idea but not fully realized.  I’d have to agree – I didn’t see much in the way of reflectivity.

Lander Moab protective lanyard

The included lanyard is an extra safety measure, but I wish they’d put the attachment point along the edge rather than the back. Slightly skewed when put down, but not enough to make it a huge drawback. Simple to use and it doesn’t get in the way when trying to use the phone either.

Overall, this seems like a case that delivers on what it promises, without the heft and bulk of typical protective cases. If they could make a waterproof iteration of this case, I’d be first in line to buy it.

*This product provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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