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I’m not sure why, probably due to the countless gorgeous photos, but my impression of the Laugavegur Trail is of sunshine and blue skies. Of course I’ve seen the reports of July snow and know that inclement weather is a possibility, but it never occurred that we could see the same. Wishful thinking, I guess.

And….the weather has been crazy this year. Right now it’s blowing something fierce and camping is not permitted some nights. If they haven’t closed the trail for a few days to hiking due to extreme weather, it’s been close to a possibility. But I still have hope.

So I decided to take a quick look and see if I could forecast possible scenarios. I used the World Weather Information Service website to poke around and see what I could find. The average temperature and precipitation table for Reykjavik has me a bit worried, as I suspect that we’ll find weather the same or worse on the trail.

Reykjavik Iceland Weather Averages

It appears that it will be quite a bit cooler than I expected. If you take the mean daily minimum temp for August and September, the average is 6.45 degrees Celsius, or 43.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Mean daily maximum temp for August and September average 11.55 Celsius, or 53 Fahrenheit.

So we can expect temps from 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit, I suspect, which, while cool, could actually be quite comfortable for hiking. As a precaution, gloves were just added to the packing list…

My biggest concern is rainfall. The table shows a mean number of precipitation days of 12, which is close to half a month. Being on the trail for 5 days means there’s a good chance of us getting wet at some point.

Now I don’t mind getting wet, or at least preparing for it. The bigger issue is that rain=clouds=less visibility. It would be tragic to travel to experience this amazing landscape and not get to see much of it due to weather. Not much hope of a second chance here…

Facebook group Laugavegur Trail Iceland - Q & A

For more information, I turned to the Facebook group Laugavegur Trail Iceland – Q & A. I’s a combination of folks who have been on the trail or are planning a trek and has been a good resource for me. I posed the question on the best way to get weather forecasts for the trail.

There is a good website,, but it’s for current conditions, not helpful for planning a month out.

Ultimately, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I’ll travel to Iceland, meet up with Missouri Howell, ride the bus to the start, and start trekking. Weather aside, I still suspect it will be an amazing experience.


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  1. Granted it was 16 years ago that I hiked it and I did it in the beginning of July, but the weather moves fast there. While Reykjavik is a marine west coast climate. The Laugavegur trail is actually closer to a continental in land climate due to the cloud lift precipitated by the mountains and glaciers.

    That being said I wore a knit hat I bought at Vik Wool factory in Vik while I was there probably 80% of the time. I wore some quick drying water resistant pants most of the time. For the times it was raining I did have rain proof pants. I used a Columbia layered coat that worked as a rain coat, winter coat and light fleece all in one. I had a rain fly on my pack only one or two days as light showers would crop up but dispate quickly. I had gloves, but they were simple leather winter gloves as we finished our hike in the at skogarfoss so the first day or two were definitely snow hiking. But after that I actually zipped my pants off into shorts for the afternoon.

    Basically pack and dress to experience all four seasons every day. If you don’t like the weather wait an hour.

    It should be noted that I only brought with me my pack and lived out of that while staying in Iceland. I went with a group and left room for group food. My pack total was 58 pounds. It sounds heavy and I probably could have trimmed some stuff but I don’t recall suffering from weather at all. Even in i climate weather it’s super beautiful.

    I hope that helps, I want to go back and as soon as my kids are old enough I plan on going. Looking forward to easing about your adventure!

    1. I’ve gotten the different weathers quite a bit, haha, but it’s all I could find for forecasting. Thanks for sharing your memories, suggestions, and the reminder that it’s going to be great no matter what. 😀

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