LifeStraw Go Gear Review

LifeStraw Go Gear Review

I’m a huge fan of LifeStraw – I keep a personal water filter in my 10 Essentials kit and also use their Mission filter for larger groups. To have them come on board as a partner for UintasHike16 was great news, especially since we got to test out a product I hadn’t tried before, the LifeStraw Go.

The LifeStraw Go is a refillable water bottle with an integrated water filter that will filter out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoa (chemicals, salt water, heavy metals and viruses will not be removed, but the Mission and Family 1.0 if you’re concerned about viruses). Open the top, fill with water from any source, drink through the straw and you are good to go.

Missouri Howell Vanna Whites the LifeStraw Go

Pros for me: simple to use and the bottle worked as promised. Cons: plastic water bottle (I’d love to see this in a glass or metal version, I’d be happy to carry the extra weight) and difficult to suck the water (I primed the filter and used this for 3 straight days and it never got any easier – we met a guy on the trail who’d had his for a long time and he had the same complaint).

While I won’t be using this moving forward (really trying to ditch the plastic), I’m happy to pass it along to the many members of my family who have no problem with a plastic water bottle. If you don’t mind the plastic bottle, I highly recommed this for ease of use and obvious perfromance.

LifeStraw Go Gear Review

There were six of us on the hike and for 3 days we used water from the streams and lakes of the High Uintas. None of used additional filtering or purification and none of us showed any signs of illness outside of altitude related. In an area of heavy use by people, horse, dogs, and wildlife, that’s impressive – these bottles really work.

*This product was provided for testing purposes – all opinions are my own.

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