Making the Big Time: Mentioned in Outside Mag

Outside October 2012 cover

I’ve been a long-time fan of Outside Magazine, subscribing for probably 20 years or more. It’s given me ideas for outdoor activities to try out, destinations to visit, and a lifestyle to emulate (more often covet). Their 35th Anniversary Issue is a compilation of readers’ thoughts, suggestions, and prized outdoor possessions. I’ve spent a lot of time outside, using all sorts of gear, from my youth at the beach to skiing to rock climbing to triathlon. So many pieces of gear could have been my favorite. Ultimately however, the one that came to the forefront the strongest was our Kelty Backpack Carrier, which allowed us not only to continue heading outside, but also allowed us to bring our kids along. Here’s the excerpt from Outside:
“It’s been with us through four children. It has acted as a high chair, a napping station, a backpack, and so much more.”
Very cool way to start the fall season! Kids were pretty impressed, too. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Making the Big Time: Mentioned in Outside Mag

  1. man! i have famous friends. someone else i know was in one of the 'best river towns' article. i'm with marcia — waving my piece of paper for an autograph!

  2. Like the free subscription Triathlete gave me for my numerous published letters to the editor (not).. did they give you something besides stardom? If so, I may have to change my magazine allegiance.

    Good job!

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