Marlin Model 795 Review

Marlin Model 795

This past xmas, I wanted to buy a rifle that would be good for novice shooters, for beginners of all ages, so that our whole family could join in when it came time to go shooting. And, since my budget was severely limited, it had to be inexpensive.

Based on some research, favorable reviews, and ultimately a store rep’s recommendation, I ended up buying the Marlin Model 795, which is a rimfire that shoots .22 long rifle caliber ammo.

Marlin Model 795 magazine

The rifle comes with a single magazine with a ten-round capacity. It’s easy to load for anyone who doesn’t lack basic dexterity. For less than $20 you can buy a 25-Round Polymer magazine specifically made as an after-market magazine for the Model 795.

Visually, this is a smaller rifle but not child-size. It features an 18 inch blued barrel and the fiberglass-filled synthetic stock should last as long as the rifle itself does. Clip points make it easy to add a sling for ease of carrying.

Marlin Model 795 in hand

The Feel of the Model 795

I like that the Marlin feels light, but still has some substance. Weight is a claimed 4.5 pounds, so even smaller folks should be able to hold and aim without too much effort. As a mix of metal and plastics, it feels nice in the hand and well-made.

Shooting the Model 795

For a beginner shooter, this is light enough for most to handle easily. A handy feature is the bolt remaining open after the magazine is empty, which reminds you that it’s time to reload. As a novice shooter, I found this to be both a reliable and accurate rifle. It was easy to walk the shots into the bullseye as we compensated for aim and wind.

Shooting the Marlin Model 795

Customizing the Model 795

Adjustable open sights are the first step in customizing the Marlin 795, along with adding a sling. The receiver is grooved to accept  scope rings. If you don’t like the stock, replacement stocks for the 795 are available. Aluminum trigger guard and trigger kits can replace the standard plastic. Ultimately not a lot of customization options, but I’m not sure this is the rifle for that in any case.


The Model 795 has a cross-bolt safety that’s easy to find and use when ready to fire. Our rifle came with a standard trigger lock (plastic and easy to break or jimmy off), so we also use a cable lock, which prevent use of the gun by making it impossible to load and fire. Even with younger kids, these could probably be bypassed, but at least it would take some time.

Marlin Model 795 slideshow:

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Final Thoughts

I’d recommend the Marlin Model 795 to anyone looking for a good basic rifle or as something for beginners. It’s relatively inexpensive and the ammunition is readily available and affordable. This is probably not the gun to buy if you’re into customizing, though there are some options if you want.

More information on this model and others can be found at the Marlin website.

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