Me and Whole30

It’s been 30 days…

Me and Whole30

You know what? It wasn’t as hard as I imagined. I didn’t curb my eating, just followed the Whole30 rules of the program strictly. Hardest times were early afternoon, when I used to have a big snack, often chocolate, and after dinner, when a dessert used to seem so apt.

Five days in, I couldn’t resist. No, I didn’t jump on the scale or whip out the measuring tape, but I did put on a pair of shorts that I could barely button before starting this. And…they sort of fit. You could tell they were still too small, but not by much. Things were happening!

On the seventh day, I ran. It had been exactly two weeks since my last run and the results were almost identical to that day. I was truly surprised, since I felt a lot better this time than the previous, but at least it wasn’t worse, which usually happens with time off.

Evening of Day 8, then Days 9 and 10: completely and utterly out of it due to a sudden onset of a sore throat and racking cough. I did use a medicine that contained both alcohol and sugar, along with a host of horrible sounding ingredients. Minimal deviance from the Whole30 but the only way I could get to sleep. Technically I cheated and I should start over, but I’m an adult and I call a Mulligan.

By Day 20 or so, I was kind of ready to be done, but I also noticed that it had become sort of rote – I wasn’t thinking about it quite as much. Still, eating Whole30 is quite a bit more effort than not, and I was ready to see the results and move on. I didn’t quit though, and made through to the end, without much fanfare as it turns out.

Benefits I noticed: clothing fits better; less bloating; improvement in my skin; stronger finger nails; happier; less anxious; fewer mood swings; fewer cravings; feeling in control lot my eating; more positive I can get to where I want to go. Super happy with the results.

Also, actual physical changes happened. I took measurements before and after and here are the results: 13 pounds and 10 inches lost overall. Not bad but there’s still a long way to go.

As I mentioned, I didn’t curb my eating, but followed the tenets of the program pretty strictly. In the future, I will get even better results by changing the types of foods I eat proportionately. I relied too heavily on animal proteins to get through the 30 days. Moving forward, I’ll try to add more fresh veggies as a bigger component of my day to day eating.

I would highly recommend the Whole30 to pretty much everyone. It’s a real eye opener to see how much crap we put in our bodies every day, even when we’re trying to eat healthy. Lots of obvious physical benefits and, for me, the mental benefits have been huge. A healthier me, a healthier outlook on life, and a healthier approach to eating = happen me.

Next up: Reintroduction. With the elimination of many of the possible problem foods, it’s then time to reintroduce them one at a time and gauge their effect on me physically and mentally. More on the Reintroduction results next week.



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