Meet the #UintasHike16 Crew


Hard to believe that UintasHike16 is just over a week away – getting really excited about backpacking into the Utah wilderness with this group of folks. I know 2/3 of the crew and am looking forward to getting to know the others. We have some great industry partners and I know it’s going to be an epic trip. In their own words, here’s a little something about each one:

Jeff of Missouri Howell: ” I like to write, and this seemed like a good way to combine it with my travels. As the blog has progressed and grown, I’ve started taking more of an interest in encouraging others to get outside and adventure for themselves. I really get a kick out of it when people contact me and ask me for advice with gear or have questions about something I’ve written.”

Paulina of Little Grunts: “I’m an all-around adventurer based in San Francisco, CA. Hiking, climbing, mountaineering, snowboarding, you name it, I try to do it all. Then I like to write about my experiences here so you can follow along or try it too! I also really, really, really love talking about gear. When I’m not outside, I’m cuddling with my cat, asking all the things, or writing code for my day job.”

Rozanne of Mountain Matron: “A first generation big-city girl who has found a passion and love for spending her time in nature’s world. Hiking hundreds of miles through the year she shares her solo adventures, gear test results, executive partners, travel destinations and family excursions. Rozanne hopes to inspire women to believe deeply, dream abundantly, chase passions insanely and make life worth every memory.”

Josh of Raw Trails: “Focused on inspiring people to create a lifestyle of activity and adventure, believing that the outdoors can transform us into healthier and happier people.” (Josh is full of energy and the type of guy who would use the ORShow Hikerchat outing as an opportunity for a first date.)

Jess of Chronic Climber Chick: (Jes is also the prime mover behind SoulCare by CCC, a UintasHike16 partner.) “Addicted To The Climb, I am spreading the natural contagious high that is the great outdoors. Climbing mountains healed me and changed my perspective during some difficult times both mentally and physically. I offer up humor, recipes, opinion, inspiration, research, trail reviews, adventure, bring in guests and do my best to keep you entertained and motivated and inspired!”

5 of the 7 of us are Hell Hike and Raft alumni, so the badassery quotient is really high. I also know that, likely, these people are up for anything. Should be a great trip – check back in a few weeks to read about the journey and the gear we used.

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