Midwest Basecamp Hiatus

Ogden Dunes beach view

It’s been a few months, and I’ve consciously took a step back from blogging and social media in general. While there are moments where I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do, those moments are balanced by moments of relief, with no stress on me to publish anything.

Cairn in the snow

Not sure what’s ahead, I keep thinking I’d still like to do a podcast but there’s the general fear of failure and an inability to take the first step. Keep an eye out on the blog, as the podcast, if it happens, will still be through this site.

Dead fish on the beach

One big piece of news is that I’m moving yet again, also for personal reasons. While I’ve enjoyed my life here in the Indiana Dunes, it definitely feels like I’m a bit isolated from many parts of the life I left behind. The move should make some day to day aspects of life simpler.

I hope you have a happy New Year and that adventure awaits you in the next 366 days.

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