Midwest Trail: Greene Valley (Winter)

Last weekend, I visited Greene Valley for a nice winter trail run. In a very cool coincidence, Daniel of Tranquility in Every Stride was running there as well, though our paths did not cross. I did see a few other runners, but none that look like his profile photo, though that may be a glamour shot for all I know.

Winter trail running has its own share of things to be prepared for, least of which is being able to park where you were planning to.

The Du Page Forest Preserve has gotten funding to preserve the old red barn, which will eventually be available for community events. Like a trail race, maybe?

This may have been the most beautiful December day imaginable around here, at least winter-wise, with sun and blue skies. Above you can see that, even in winter, this trail gets some decent usage. The trail was a few inches of powder covering several inches of thick, slippery ice. I am upgrading my review of the Treksta Evolutions from a really good trail shoe to one of the best I’ve ever used – NO problems with footing.


Kind of surprisingly, after all this cold weather, the East Branch of the Du Page River had no ice. Either the current is just too fast or it’s just too polluted to freeze. Either way, very strange.

Finally – maybe not as sexy as Last Mile Lounge’s Jamoosh or The Boring Runner Adam in tights, but this one’s for all the mountain-man-loving women (or, to be fair, men) out there:

20 thoughts on “Midwest Trail: Greene Valley (Winter)

  1. You kinda look more like a Minnisota fur trapper/trader.

    Very pretty preserve! I'd love to own a farm like that – reminds me a lot of the farm my grandmother had in NE Iowa.

  2. Might Kovas. You have snow or salt and pepper in your beard. What man/woman wouldn't love you?

    Have you seen the glamour shot of me in the bathing suit with the underwear?

  3. Very cool that you really like those shoes.

    It takes a lot to pull off the tights. But, you make up for it with your amazing beard growing ability. I normally mess with my wife and don't shave for a few days……she doesn't notice.

  4. What a pretty trail. We're coming up to the Chicago area at the end of January for a tournament. I may pick your brain about a good place for a run.

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