Midwest Trail: Waterfall Glen (Winter)

This past weekend I drove over to Waterfall Glen (one of the Du Page Forest Preserves) for my long slow distance run. It’s approximately a 10 mile loop, with some side spurs to keep things interesting if needed. The trail is a wide groomed trail, which was being used mostly by cross country skiers that day. I saw at least half a dozen skiers versus two other runners.

There is quite a bit of variety to the scenery, ranging from darker, heavier wooded areas to sections of open prairie.

The footing was a combination of fresh snow, packed snow, and some ice. I wore the Brooks Cascadia 5’s, which provided ample grip for the most part. I recently received a set of Icespikes to review – today’s run seemed like it would have been an optimal time. Reviews coming up this week include the GoLite hydration waistpack I’ve been testing for several weeks, as well as one for Bonkbreaker Bars.

Running along the winding trails made me feel connected to nature, which this area typically does not. Located just off of a major Interstate and bounded by larger roads, Waterfall Glen can be quite noisy from man made air pollutants, including cars. none however, are as irritating as the high-pitched drone of a model airplane. For the first time, there was an enthusiast flying his toy at the field designated for them. While I will admit there is something interesting about flight and control of a flying object, it seems completely out of place in this location, though I’m not sure where else they could go.


Waterfall Glen is extremely easy to get to, the trails are easy to follow even in the snow, and allows for multiple types of activities. Not just a preserve for clement weather, this site deserves a visit at any time of year.

20 thoughts on “Midwest Trail: Waterfall Glen (Winter)

  1. Kovas, You really have access to some nice running places. I am impressed. I think you should put a small manual together with all the locations and basic info. It would be a useful tool! And I would use it when I come up to visit my sister in Lisle.

  2. I trained all HOT summer at WFG. Did you go off a bit to the cemetery? Makes a nice little break on the trail. I haven't been back since the summer but it looks very pretty all wrapped in the snow!

  3. This is one of my favorite places to run! Makes me wish I had headed out that way this weekend. I love your forest preserve posts. Once my work life quiets down (sadly, we're talking in about 1.5 years), I look forward to exploring the suburbs a bit more!

  4. Looks cold but utterly beautiful. I'm a bit worried about running on ice, after a nasty fall I had last year. Any tips?

  5. Looks awesome. How do you keep your feet warm? Do the skiers look at you like you're mad?

    Good effort. Can't wait to beat this cold and get back out there!

  6. the trails look nice and wide which is nice, there's a nature center not too far from me, but their trails are only one person wide.

  7. At the eerily similar terraine'd state part near my house, there is a shooting range; scares the gabeebies out of me everytime when I'm in a zone and momentarily forget where I am. Sometimes I see model planes there, I always wonder if someone is trying to shoot them down. 🙂

    Looks like a great place to run in the midst of such a large metropolis city you live.

  8. Wow – it looks so peaceful and quiet. I like running in areas like that in the winter so that nobody hears me cry….so c ccc cccold. 🙂

  9. I just have to say that you are fast becoming the review king (Chris K would probably use another term).

    The trails look beautiful and I'm glad there are a few runners out there to show the skiers how to use them! ; )

  10. Very pretty. Definitely a lot of nice places around you.

    And piggybacking on Jill's comment, the trail where I did my bike ride Saturday is right near a shooting range. Hearing the gunshots from time to time was a little disconcerting until I remembered that.

  11. Lovely place to run, you are lucky! Even here on some of my favorite trails I have contact with man made pollutants. Luckily I don't have to go very far to avoid them. Great photos!

  12. I love running Waterfall Glenn. Its a good look with a good mix of forest and prairie. Looks like you had a good amount of snow to run in! Really nice photos

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