Mountain Hardwear: Impact Initiative

Last week at ORShow, Mountain Hardwear launched a campaign highlighting new heroes who are fighting the good fight to save the world. Impact Initiative tells the stories of people who are making an impact right now, around the world, in response to challenges they see where they live or where they travel.

Their stories couldn’t be more different, yet they are equally passionate and innovative in what they are doing. Four of the ambassadors visited with us at the Winter Market, sharing their campaigns.

Charles Post is an ecologist and storyteller, who, while doing more graduate work, decided that the people in the field (and their stories) were more interesting. His work now is the chronicling of Western conservation and the education of the general public.

Topher White told us that illegal logging contributes more to climate change than all transportation combined. Rainforest Connection (RFCx) transforms recycled cell-phones into solar-powered listening devices that scan for chainsaw noise and then alert local activists, who can then halt the illegal activity almost immediately.

The Bush Boyes are explorers (and brothers) Steve and Chris, whose mission is to explore the untouched wilderness and to study the intricate balance that exists in these remote areas, especially as it pertains to the indigenous peoples. They are currently working to document and protect the Okavango River Basin in Africa, the second-largest untouched river basin in the world.

BUSH BOYES Across the Okavango from Cooked in Africa on Vimeo.

Sonya Iverson presented Crossing Lines, which aims to bridge political and/or cultural gulfs by using slacklines to erase the “lines” that divide us. “With Crossing Lines, we hope to serve as an example that while borderlines may define us, they needn’t separate us. Quite the opposite. Lines connect us.” The first project was the US & Iran Slackline Exchange, a tour of the country visiting established highlines and plans to establish new sites.

Mountain Hardwear: Impact Initiative

Not surprising from a company whose mission statement reads, in part: “We create performance apparel and equipment to empower outdoor athletes to live boldly.”

It’s great to see MH stepping up and supporting people who are boots on the ground. There are so many more stories about people doing the right thing to bring us together more as a world, as neighbors, and as fellow citizens in nature.

Whose story should be told under this initiative?

[*Mountain Hardwear is also working to Keep Red Rock Rural.]

Did I tell you about the time I met John Huston, Polar Explorer?

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