myCharge AdventureJumpStart Review

Envision this: you get to your car after a great outing, only to discover that your car won’t start. Even worse, your phone is dead. What to do? What to do?

myCharge AdventureJumpStart box

Worry no more if you have the myCharge AdventureJumpStart. A rechargeable 6600mAh portable charger, it includes detachable jumper cables to jump-start your own car and also charge phones or other USB devices. What a great sample to get for review.

The AdventureJumpStart has a pleasing heft to it, it really feels like it could possibly jump a car. I never had the chance to try it, but believe you me, I won’t hesitate pulling it out should the occasion arise.

myCharge AdventureJumpStart packaging info

Even if a jump-start is not in the cards, it’s great to have an extra battery around, easily used with its built-in USB port and built-in micro-USB cable. The integrated LED flashlight and SOS flasher add to its utility.

myCharge claims this portable powerbank gives you hyper-charge: ultra-fast charging of your devices that is 50-65% faster than competitors. Another definite benefit of the AdventureJumpStart is the Pass-Through Charging: plugging in adds to the powerbank storage while charging a connected device simultaneously. Nice.

myCharge AdventureJumpStart jumper cables
myCharge AdventureJumpStart jumper cables

As with all safety items, this is gear you hope to never have to use. Still, I’ll feel better knowing it’s stowed in the car should I ever need it, for myself, or someone else.

At a MSRP of $99.99, this is both safety and peace of mind in your pocket.

*Product provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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