Nordica One 45 Ski Boots

Nordica One 45 Ski Boots


“The Nordica One 45 is a very wide and cushy boot in both the forefoot and cuff. The Velvet lined liner adds some warmth to keep your feet and toes cozy. The 30mm strap acts like a fifth buckle to help give you more energy to drive the boot, and add some rebound. The Nordica One 45 is a perfect boot for the true beginner, or for the growing teen that you would like to get a cost effective solution for the season.”
Coming back to skiing after a long layoff, I wanted to get a basic setup that was a) good enough for Midwest skiing and b) a lot cheaper than renting.

When I saw this boot on sale at Sports Authority online for $80 with free shipping, I couldn’t resist. I ordered a pair for myself and our 13 year old son. I wore the boots around the house a few times, with no problems. Of course, on the slopes is a whole different thing.

We’ve gone skiing a few times together now and, apart from some trouble getting one of my son’s boots on, he says they’ve been comfortable. He has complained about cold toes (I suspect overly thick socks, though the polar vortex probably has something to do with it), and some foot pain on and off, but has continued skiing, so it’s either teen stubbornness or not that bad. He is still struggling to get one foot in, not sure why, as I’ve had no problems at all.
The boot, on the whole, seems well-made, though it’s not easy to walk in – it’s a pretty stiff boot and plenty heavy. I will say it’s broken in pretty nicely though. I’ve skied at least a dozen times this winter, and it just keeps getting more and more comfy. The buckle system also feels a bit cheap, though it works and, in conjunction with the shin strap, has been completely capable.
I’d say, as a beginner and entry level boot, this is a winner on most counts and definitely worth looking into if you’re looking for a temporary boot or for a fast-growing teen.

My only problem now? As my skiing has improved, so has my need for a higher level pair of boots!

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