Orion Packs Archer

“An Evolution In Form Following Function.

Is there anything more romantic in skiing than the notion that you should “earn your turns?” Complete independence of the lifts goes beyond cool, in my mind. I haven’t had the opportunity to do that myself too often, but if I ever move to a mountainous region, it will definitely be one way I’ll stay in shape during winter.

Even though we don’t have a lot of places to test this sort of pack out, I did manage to get out with it a few times.

Orion Packs Archer ski pack
Beyond the romance of skiing a mountain after you climbed it is the sometimes awkward or uncomfortable reality that skis (and snowboards) are not meant to be carried on your back. Some packs do a better job than others, but there’s usually a compromise somewhere within the design. No longer.
Enter the Orion Packs Archer – a simple yet effective method of carrying your skis without hassle and without discomfort. Lay the pack down, then undo outer and inner straps. Lay skis in, cinch and adjust straps. Place pack on back, adjust waistbelt, shoulder straps, and sternum strap to personal comfort. Easy-peasy.
“Go vehicle to vertical”
Beyond the great design and quality construction are a bunch of minor details that really make this pack. Where you need a handhold, a sewn-in loop. Where you might struggle to undo a strap, a snap closure instead. Very well thought out in pretty much every way.
Orion Packs Archer Double Ski Carry


  • Comfortable, with or without skis
  • bulletproof construction
  • hard as nails material
  • simple yet secure strapping system
  • utility pockets on back and on waistbelt
  • adjustability
  • accommodates 2 smaller skis if you want to take your kids out
  • small hydration reservoir fits in back utility pocket


  • Only one color option
  • No clips to integrate a hydration system

As you can tell from the minimal cons list, Orion Packs has come up with a winner.

Orion Packs also makes a carrier for snowboarding, the Method, if that’s your thing. Forthcoming are women specific models as well.

Matt Callison, the creator and owner of Orion Packs

Disclaimer: This pack was sent to me for review purposes.

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